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Family Relationships

brandi hughes

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Odyssey

The Odyssey Family Relationships "Seeing this ghost I grieved, but held her off, through pang on pang of tears, till I should know the presence of Tiresias." In Troy when Odysseus was in the horse of Troy, Helen called out Penelope's name to Odysseus, and he had to keep from calling out because he hasn't seen her in years. "Throwing his arms around his marvel of a father Telemachus began to weep. Salt tears rose from the wells of longing in both men." Odysseus leaves his new baby boy behind in Ithaca for 20 years. "I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches, and called the rest: 'All hands aboard; come, clear the bench and no one taste the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home.' " "Yet she urged that I alone should listen to their song. Therefore you are to tie me up, tight as a splint,
erect along the mast, lashed to the mast, and if I shout and beg to be untied, take more turns of the rop to muffle me." Created by:
Trent McCarty
Brandi Hughes
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