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No description

Stella Martin

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Nirvana's

I Don't Like Your Tone!
Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover by Tori Amos
Overall Tone
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Tone Shifts: Nirvana was known for its frequent dynamic changes between quiet and loud. Those changes can be heard in many of Nirvana's songs, but are very clear in Teen Spirit.

Introduction: :20 - :30 demonstrates the first major tone shift.
The beginning of the song is a foreshadowing of what is to come
The dynamic changes and the music becomes mellower, lulling the listener into the idea that it is a quiet song
Introduction: :00 - :23 The listener can immediately hear the difference from the nirvana song
Nirvana's introduction contained electric guitar, bass guitar, and drums while Tori Amos' introduction contains only piano
There is no shift in tone. It starts out and remains in the quieter dynamic that the Nirvana version shifts to in order to begin the first verse
A Prezi By Stella, Nikki, and Rachel
Nirvana: :47 - 1:09 uses "hello hello" to transition back into the louder dynamic (from the verse to the chorus)

Tori Amos: :33 - 1:01 "hello hello" provides contrast between the verses instead of using it to transition to the chorus
She doesn't transition into the chorus from there, but instead shifts immediately back into another quieter verse
The listener can here the influence of how Nirvana uses the bridge however when the piano builds tension before dropping back down for the verse.
The Bridge
Tori Amos:
Purpose: To create a song that provoked mayhem

Purpose: To show that there is a universal truth to Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Rebellion vs The Remorse
The Chorus:
Tori Amos: (1:26 -1:59)
Nirvana: (1:05 - 1:40)
The Outro
In the outro of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit (4:30) the music is as high energy as it gets throughout the song. The energy builds to a frenzy.
The outro of Tori Amos Cover (3:37) is the opposite of Nirvana's. Once Amos begins "a denial" the energy begins to fade away.
Many different factors contribute to a rebellious sound in Nirvana's song and a remorseful sound in Tori Amos' cover
The Voice
Nirvana (Kurt Cobain):
Cobain uses a very harsh
sounding voice that sounds
almost like he is screaming
at times.
At some times his voice
sounds like a mix of screaming
and talking
Tori Amos:
1:58 - 2:25

The Transitions
Nirvana: 1:56 - 2:28
The song transitions from the quiet dynamic to a loud one
The tension builds gradually and eventually explodes at the beginning of the chorus with the drum roll
This explosion of energy creates the rebellious tone that Nirvana were looking for
Amos sighs and when she begins singing, the listener can hear the longing in her voice.
The Lyrics:
Because there is only piano in Tori Amos' cover, the lyrics stand out giving it an eery feeling
The pauses after certain phrases contribute to the eeriness
Because Nirvana uses a very harsh, scream-like voice, it makes it hard to understand what they are saying at times.
The electric guitar is one of the main focuses in this song because it gives the affect of the rebellious and harsh tone the group is trying to reveal.
The chorus is Nirvana's loudest and highest energy portion of the song
There are no obvious dynamic changes
Amos relies on the lyrics and the melody to create the mood
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