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Social Entrepreneurship

Amplifying & Accelerating Femmes Leadership

Kim Katrin Milan

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship
Small, Meaningful & Accountable.
Examine Our Prejudices
Understand our power...
"I watch people go through great strides to avoid looking critically at themselves, to avoid saying "i was wrong, I'm sorry." I've seen people throw away love to avoid facing their insecurities and fears. If you love me, and you see me doing that, please please please grab me, hold me tight, remind me that I'm great and i deserve opportunities to grow and ascend, even if they hurt, even if I'm ashamed."

- Jezebel Delilah
3. Leading
2. Sites Of Innovation
Social Media, YouTube & Blogging
And learn how to share it
But that photograph of jubilant ISRO scientists flashing thumbs up? Priceless.
When we think about space, whenever we think about science, we think about Vikram Sarabhai or Homi Bhabha or Satish Dhawan. Serious men in suits.
We do not think of women in brightly colored silk saris, with a bit of gold on the borders, pottus on their forehead, and gajras in their hair whooping it up. We’ve seen pictures like that on Facebook but they are usually at Pongal or Navratri or wedding celebrations.
But this was at the Indian Space Research Organization
“I had a chance to have a conversation with Dr. Angelou. At the end of our conversation
I said, “If there’s one thing that you just want me to know, what would it be?”
And she said, “I have risked everything to just tell the truth. India, just tell the truth.”
That’s when it started to really resonate. Telling the truth is not just what you say. It’s how you show up. It’s making honest decisions.It’s being your truth. It’s being your truth.”
— India Arie
Racialized Sexism
Social Capital
Winona LaDuke, Executive Director of Honor the Earth, said, “We are in a time of extreme extraction, as we grasp desperately for the last remaining deposits of fossil fuels to satisfy our addiction. This means extreme violence against Mother Earth, exploding her bedrock, pumping lethal chemicals into the water, removing entire mountaintops, and destroying our own habitat. This violence impacts Indigenous communities the most, especially women. Violence against the land has always been violence against women.”
Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/05/12/fossil-fuel-extraction-dangers-native-american-and-womens-organizations-request-un-help
Visibility is not equity.
Generating Revenue
Serve Our Communities

build networks
sou sou
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