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Desk.com training

No description

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Desk.com training

Amanda Russell - Group Marketing Systems Manager
Kathleen Lehnigk - Group Salesforce Administrator

Quicker to search than Outlook
Easy to pass a case to colleagues
Can use standard replies - saving time and ensuring consistency
Can see status of case at a glance - even if assignee is away
All information relating to a case is in one place
What's good about Desk.com?
Less reliant on Outlook - Desk.com is a more appropriate tool to do the job
Easier collaboration between staff
Single view of customer interactions
Potential to gather data on the type of enquiries - identify 'pain points' for customers
Ability to monitor volume and source of calls
Potential to create FAQs to populate customer facing website
How will it help the business?
Go live details
Agent training
What is Desk.com?
"A customer service application that helps companies deliver outstanding customer support"

Questions or comments?
It can replace Outlook for our customer service enquiries
Next steps
UK customer services team - already live with Desk.com but keep informed
Wesel customer services team - go live 27 April
Rest of ESOs - go live May-June subject to plan approval
Agenda for today
Goals and format for the day
Breaks and refreshments
Location of toilets
Health and Safety
To be added
To introduce desk.com to the team
To get everyone familiar with the user interface
Leave here knowing how to handle cases effectively as an Agent in Desk.com
Gain an overview of how the reporting works in Desk.com
Answer any concerns or queries
Session will be
- you will be using desk.com during the session
Stop us at any time during the training - if we can't answer right away we will record it on the flip chart
Go live - Friday 30 January
All emails (to the shared inboxes) will be automatically routed into Desk.com
Kathleen on site and via Skype
Amanda monitoring progress and recording all issues
Super users: Philippa, Susan, Diana
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