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Sixth Belgrade Grammar School

description of the school and the local area

Sandra Plazibat

on 29 October 2018

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Transcript of Sixth Belgrade Grammar School

The Sixth Belgrade Grammar School was founded in 1933. with the charter of the Ministry of Education of Kingdom of Yugoslavia as a Grammar School for Boys. It got its mixed type status in 1935, counting 1850 students and 75 teachers.
A charter with words Light,Knowledge,Life was built in its foundation in 1939, and has been following our development ever since.
This is our Vision:
We want a School with a leading position
A School with the best Teachers and Students
A School building education politics of the country
And what makes us special in the 21st century?

The process of learning placed outside the school and the curriculum adjusted to the needs of students!
Welcome to The Sixth Belgrade Grammar School
Many generations have left their mark, many colleagues have built their knowledge into what the school is today. We cherish their memory and continue their path.
Teachers who have all undergone computer training and are devoted to continuous self-development attending professional development courses.
Today it is a school promoting
e-learning, giving its students support in mastering skills using the knowledge gathered from different subjects.
Following the trends, the teaching process moves out of classrooms, away from textbooks to the virtual world of Global community.
Art Club
School trips
Philosophy Club
FaceBook page
Youth Parliament
Classes of Chinese
November Days
and solo stars...
80th anniversary of the school was celebrated on December the 7th.
Here is what the media had to say:
Verona (Juliet'sBalcony)
Vienna (Schonbrunn) and many,many more...
and the latest news...
This is the time of the year when we remember our late Sonja, a colleague who tragically lost her life in the service of education.
humanitarian activities
evening of love poetry
dance workshop
workshop for parents
drama workshop
concert "Catch the Rhythm"
anniversary of the
Pedagogical site
theatre play
"Love Time-Machine
volleyball match
Staffroom vs.Classroom"
Youth Parliament is an official students' body made up of the Assembly, the Council and the Presidency.
Each class in school has 2 representatives, which means there are 72 assembly members altogether.
The Council has 8 members and it passes a bill to the Assembly which votes "for" or "against".
The President, Vice-President and a Secretary make the Presidency of the Parliament.
The President and the Vice-President are invited to join the Staff Meetings
In recent years, the Parliament has organized and taken part in numerous humanitarian activities, organizing school concerts, sports tournaments and events raising eco-awareness.
Dead Poets' Society
Love Time Machine
Our teachers won the First Prize on the National competition "Creative School" in 2010.,2012., and the Third place in 2012. for innovations in teaching process.
Take a look!

And, do visit us in Belgrade, at 33 Milana Rakica street. Goodbye!
European Studies Programme
And , this is why we all love it!
Visit page

to see how we celebrate the great Bard!
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