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Thorny Dragon

No description

Ahnaf Abeyed

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Thorny Dragon

Background On The Thorny Dragon
The Thorny Dragon/Devil gives the term "You Little Devil" a new meaning.The Thorny Dragon is known by many names, some of them are Thorny Devil , Moloch , Mountain Devil , and its scientific name is The Moloch Horridus. This "Beast" can grow up to 20 cm in length and can live for up to 20 years. Female Thorny Dragons are usually bigger than the male.
Thorny Dragon
"False Head"
This magnificent little beast has a very odd way to defend itself. On the back of its head is a false head , so whenever it feels threatened it puts its head down allowing its false head to take over. The predator will then rip off the false head without knowing its false. when the false head rips off the Thorny Dragons body the Thorny dragon flees , leaving the false head as a distraction. There will be a picture of the false head in the next slide.
Thorny Dragons can only be found in Australia.
Kingdom- Anamalia
Phylum- Chordata
Class- Reptalia
Order- Squamata
Family- Agamidae
Genus- Moloch
Species- Horridus
Capillary Movement
Capillary movement is the ability of a liquid to be able to flow through narrow spaces without needing the assistance of external forces such as gravity. What the Thorny Dragon can do is mesmerizing. The thorns and scales on its skin are made in a way so if any part of its body touches water it will flow through its skin (defying the laws of gravity) into its mouth. There will be a picture of a close up of the body of this animal in the next slide. There will also be a video of it in the end.
Camouflage and Thorns
The Thorny Dragon has the ability to camouflage. The Thorny Dragon are covered in desert tan colours..These colours change from pale colours during warm weather and to darker colours during cold weather. In fact this breathtaking lizard is unfortunately threatened, because cars don't see them and run over them. Their camouflage is just to good :(. The thorns on this lizard are hard and rather sharp. These Thorns cover all of the Thorny Dragons body, even its belly. In fact many animals rather not eat this lizard because its difficult to swallow (ya don't say).
Predators and Diet

The Predators of the Thorny Dragon are the Brown Falcons and bustards. The Thorny Dragons diet only consists of ants. They eat up to 3000 ants in one sitting.
Here Is The Video I Was Talking About
How long can the Thorny Dragon live up to?!?
13 Years
22 Months
20 Years
What is the name of the ability for liquids to be able to come into narrow spaces!?!?!??
Capiary Movement
Capidary Movement
Capillary Movement
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