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lasean stewart

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of MINERALS

Used for pencil fillings also the only nonmetal that is a very good conductors of electricity.
Venus has high mountain mant of which appears to be volcanic in regions.The surface of venus is smooth by recent lava flow and by interaction with corrosive atmosphere;but their are various examples of meteor craters.
Venus got its name from
the roman goddess of love and also in the ancient time the babylonians also believed that the symbols for womenhood and was associated with Ishtar the goddess of womenhood.
venus is made of a central iron core and a rocky mantle, It's atmosphere is mainly made up of carbon dioxideand nitrogen with small amount of other gases
Human technology that was send to
venus was spacecraft and they discovered that venus was similar to earth compared to other planet also venus atmosphere was not transparent to visible light.

Interesting fact
Venus is the second planet away from the sun.
Venus is the second brightest object in the night sky.
venus rotates counter clock wise
Mercury smooth plains that resembles lunar maria it
also has inter crater plains which are packed with small caters , It is also has some rugged highlands that bears some resemblance to the corresponding region on the moon.
Mercury got it name from one of the roman gods in ancient time mercury was one of the swiftest of the god, and they felt that mercury was appropriate because it is the innermost planet in the solar system and appears to move
quickly from night to night.
mercury is made up of huge iron core
the size of the moon the core takes up
about 3/4 of the planet diameters.Iron makes up 70% of mercury weight .
Human technology that was send to mercury was two spacecraft mariner10 in 1974-5 and messenger which flew past mercury three times before going to orbit around the mercury 2011.
They discovered that temperature on mercury reach 430 degrees Celsius and drops to 180 degrees Celsius at night,and human wouldn't be able to survive there.
Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar
system only slightly larger than the moon.

Interesting Fact
Mercury is the closest planet to the sun
at a distance of about 58 million km
Interesting fact
One day of mercury takes up
59 earth days
Mars is a rocky planet,mars solid are altered by volcanoes, impacts,and atmospheric effects such as dust storm and there are no ring around mars.
Mars received it name from the roman god of war,mars because of it red blood like color .
What is made of ?
Mars has core that are mainly iron and sulphur wrapped in a mantle that is silicate all of which cocooned by a crust that is made of basalt and just enough iron oxide to give the planet its characteristic reddish blue.
Human technology they have sent to mars was the mariner4 in 1965 and the mariner 9
The mariner 4 discovered that their
were crater on mars .
The mariner 9 captured pictures of planet major features including mars polar caps, the vast valles marineris and the martian moon phobos and deimos also spotted flowing water on mars in the ancient time.
Interesting facts
Only 16 mission to mars have been successful.
Mars has the largest dust storm in the solar system.
Mars is the fourth planet away from the sun.

Earth is a rocky planet with a solid and dynamic surface of mountains, valleys,cannons, plains and so much more, it is also and ocean planet 70 percent of earth surface is covered in water.earth has no rings.
Earth is the only planet that did not get its name from the greek mythology the name earth comes from old english and german language.
The earth is made up of 78%nitrogen 21% oxygen Earth atmosphere protects us from incoming meteoroids .
Interesting fact
Earth is the third planet away from the sun
and the fifth largest in the solar system.
interesting fact
Earth is the only planet in our solar system known to harbor life
Interesting fact
The atmosphere affect earths longterm climate and short term
Jupiter great red spot is a gigantic storm that has been raging for seven and a half years it has a faint ring system that was discovered in 1979
Jupiter atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen and helium
Jupiter got its name from the Romans he was the most important deity in both pantheons.
Human technology that we sent to Jupiter is voyager1 and it ring surprised them they were composed of small dark particles and are difficult to see except when back lit by the sun
interesting fact
jupiter is the largest and most massive planet in the solar system

Jupiter's appearance is a tapestry of colorful cloud bands and spots.

The composition of Jupiter's atmosphere is similar to that of the sun
saturn is made up of seven rings with several
gaps and divisions between them.Saturn is a gas-giant planet and does not have a solid surface.
saturn is made up of mostly of hydrogen
and helium
saturn got it named for the Roman god of agriculture. The Greek equivalent was Cronos, father of Zeus/Jupiter.
human technology that was sent to Saturn are two Voyager spacecraft revealed that Saturn's rings are made mostly of water ice, and they imaged "braided" rings, ringlets, and "spokes" - dark features in the rings that form and initially circle the planet at different rates from that of the surrounding ring material.
interesting fact
At Saturn's center is a dense core of rock, ice, water, and other compounds made solid by the intense pressure and heat.
interesting fact
If the sun were as tall as a typical front door,and Saturn would be about as big as a basketball.
Interesting facts
Saturn makes a complete orbit around the sun (a year in Saturnian time) in 29 Earth years
Neptune does not have a solid surface. Neptune is mostly made of a very thick, very hot combination of water ,ammonia , and methane over a possible heavier, approximately Earth-sized, solid core.
Neptune name was predicted by John Couch Adams and Urbain Le Verrier Johann Galle discovered the planet in 1846.
Neptune's atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen (H2), helium (He) and methane (CH4
Using mathematical calculations, astronomers discover Neptune, increasing the number of known planets to eight. Neptune's largest moon, Triton, is found the same year.
interesting fact
Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun at a distance of about 4.5 billion km (2.8 billion miles) or 30.07 Au
Interesting fact
Neptune has 13 confirmed moons (and 1 more awaiting official confirmation of discovery). Neptune's moons are named after various sea gods and nymphs in Greek mythology.
interesting fact
Neptune has six rings Neptune cannot support life as we know it.
Uranus is a gas giant and therefore does not have a solid surface. The bulk of the mass of Uranus is made up of a hot dense fluid of "icy" materials (water ( methane and ammonia , above a small rocky core.Uranus is a gas giant and therefore does not have a solid surface. The bulk (80 percent or more) of the mass of Uranus is made up of a hot dense fluid of "icy" materials (water (H2O), methane (CH4). and ammonia (NH3)), above a small rocky core.
William Herschel tried unsuccessfully to name his discovery Georgian Sidus after King George III; but instead the planet was named for Uranus, the Greek god of the sky.

human technology that has been use for uranus the hubble space telescope which discovered the outer system of two more-distant rings .Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus
Uranus has an atmosphere which is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium with a small amount of methane.
Interesting fact
Uranus has a retrograde rotation (east to west). Unlike any of the other planets.Uranus rotates on its side, which means it spins horizontally.
interesting fact
Uranus has 27 moons. Uranus' moons are named after characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.
interesting fact
Uranus has faint rings. The inner rings are narrow and dark and the outer rings are brightly colored.
criteria to become a planet
It must be an object which independently orbits the sun.
it must have enough mass so that gravity pulls it into a roughly spheroidal shape
it must be large enough to dominate it orbit
(its mass must be larger than anything else
which crosses its orbit

pluto was demoted from its planet status and registered as a dwarf planet. The reason given by astronomers is that it has a very irregular orbit and there are objects in the Kuiper Belt that are much larger than Pluto.
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