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Speed vs Velocity Notes

No description

Mona Guerra

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Speed vs Velocity Notes

Velocity is a vector quantity that describes the rate at which an object changes position.
Two types of Velocity
1. Instantaneous velocity is the velocity at one specific time.

2. Average velocity is the overall velocity calculated using total displacement and total time.
Example #1
You are running from a zombie toward your safe house. You run 5 m east and 3 m north ad reach your safe house in 30 s.
Example #2
How far does a ghost fly in 10 s if his velocity is 60 m/s?
Speed vs Velocity Notes
Speed is a scalar quantity that describes the rate at which an object covers a distance.
Speed Formula
Speed is measured in meters/second (m/s)
Velocity Equation
Velocity is measured in meters/second (m/s)
What is your average speed?
What is your average velocity?
Example #3
How long does it take a goblin to run 100 m if his velocity is 20 m/s?
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