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Walmart Case Study

No description

Sulaiman Alkudairy

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of Walmart Case Study

Background Information
Competitor Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Walmart Case Study
Founded in 1962.
The largest revenue.
2.2 million employee.
Most notable Operating division.
The biggest size among discount stores.
Strengths :
Economies of scale.
Efficient and effective use of resources.
Power of suppliers and competitors.
Opportunities :
Labor related issues.
Little differentiation.
Negative Publicity.
Retail market growth in emerging markets.
Rising acceptance of own label products.
Online shopping growth.
Threats :
Increasing competition from brick
and mortar stores & online competitors.
Increasing resistance form local communities.
Rising commodity prices.
Weaknesses :
Competes with other direct and indirect heavyweight rivals.
Rivals are local and international
with different geographical locations.
Being the “biggest kid on the playground” can be used negatively by competitors.
Case Questions

"the process of creative destruction unleashed by Wal-Mart has no statistically significant impact on the overall size of the small business sector in the United States”
(Dean & Sobel, 2006)
Walmart improves welfare for all segments
of society (Mallaby, 2005) (Hausman, 2005).
Walmart has higher interracial rate compared to
other retailers (Tabuchi & Barbaro, 2015).
Walmart will increase minimum wage
Walmart heavily supports charitable organizations (Featherstone, 2005).
Walmart’s impact on the local market can take money away from other small businesses.
However, its low prices can create other opportunities for other small businesses.
It can take away jobs from the local market, but can create more jobs than it takes away.
Walmart looking to improve pay for hourly workers, and its impressive charitable donations.
Can improve overall consumer welfare or towns inhabitants and nearby residents.
Paul Riener
Jarrett Retz
Brian Norwood
Isaac Morse
Oriana Miller
Price Coshow
Whitney Bauer
Alexandra Bassett
Sulaiman Alkudairy
Background Information
Sam Walton

Low prices and exceptional service

Went public in 1970

First stock sold for $16.50/share

Volume of customers in United States

(Maheshwari, Sapna, 2015)
Business owners in a small community have the following Pros:
Increase in supplier activity
Service jobs increase such as snow plowing and landscaping
Parking lot maintenance
Business owners in a small community have the following Cons:
Low cost competition
Decrease in locally sold products
Employment competition
(Pope, devin G., and Jaren C. Pope, 2015)
Case Questions

Town Residents and residents of nearby Towns Pros:
Product Selection
Town Residents and residents of nearby Towns
Increase Traffic
Environmental impacts
(Pope, devin G., and Jaren C. Pope, 2015)
(Fran, 2010)
(Jurevicius, 2015)
(Jurevicius, 2015)
(Jurevicius, 2015)
(Jurevicius, 2015)
(Tuttle, 2013)

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Competitor Analysis
Figure 1. Comparison of the top 4 retailers in the world in 2015
(Walmart SWOT Analysis, 2015)
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