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Taylors' Spelling Sentences

No description

Christopher Rhodes

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Taylors' Spelling Sentences

Wedding Wishes!
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Me and my boyfriend always go bird-whatching, so it's efficent to have binoculars.
One of my wedding wishes to have a shiny, and sparkly, white veil.
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One thing that I hate to do is kill spiders, because I love animals, but I also have a phobia of them, and I cower.
You have to be very delicate with bifocal animals, because they are very sensitive.
Funny things that happend to us!
On our honey-moon, we wanted to visit this really cool cave, where every time you laugh, or chuckle the echoes are so loud!
About my boyfriend!
My boyfriend's an equestrian, yet his biceps aren't that huge. =-(
My Quirks
What I've seen
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1. My bicuspids are strangly duplex, they can cut a carrot with one bite!

2. Also, these words duplicity and duplicate mean the same thing, who knew?
Taylor Bruder 5C#2
Once, I saw two biped creatures talking, it might of ben a dream, but they had perfect dialogue.

At he bicentennial family reunion
of my family, all of my relatives
were bilingual!
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