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No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Life

Life: by Peter Stocker
goddess name
My goddesses name is Selene.
My goddesses symbol is the flower
goddess of ?
Selene is the goddess of life.
What's so Important!
She is significant in the 21st century because she controls life and there is many life in the 21st century.
Should she be the leader!
I think she should be the leader of the Olympians because she is the life goddess and she is pretty much the center of life if she can control it.
Positive or Negative
I think she is positive. I don't think life is negative. Also it's not like she's the god or goddess of death. I believe she represents a positive aspect of society.
Interesting Details!
Selene has a staff that can heal
Strengths and Weaknesses
Her strengths are lightness, life, water, and air. Her weaknesses are darkness, death, and fire.
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