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Congress of Racial Equality

No description

Dustin Mercer

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Congress of Racial Equality

Congress of Racial Equality
Dustin Mercer James Farmer James and a group of fellow students founded CORE.
He did this in 1942 while studying at University of Chicago. In the 1960s CORE took a militant stance and Farmer didnt agree so he left and ran for congress. Freedom Riders One of the main activities this group was involved with was the freedom rides

The road through Virginia and North Carolina with no problems

In South Carolina two of there members were attacked

They continued to Anniston Alabama where a mob shot out there tires and through a firebomb in a broken window, the bus went up in flames and they barely survived

The second bus made it to Birmington where police chief Eugene "Bull" Connor a segregationist told all the city cops to go see there mothers

Unprotected the bus was attacked by the KKK and some members were beaten very badly Sit Ins CORE organized many nonviolent protest called sit ins which they held at segregated public facilities

This action started in 1942

Feb, 5 1960 four black students sat in at a department store lunch counter in Greensboro North Carolina Recruits James Farmer traveled the country with Bayard Rustin recruiting activist

Most of the groups early growth consisted almost completely of white middle class students from the midwest Early Tension In the beginning of its expansion CORE faced tension between local control and national control

Early member kept control of there own activities and funds

The tensions continued throughout there early existence CORE Values The groups banner is TRUTH LOGIC & COURAGE

They promotes harmony and healing in society

The group is open to anyone who believes that everyone is created equal

They are willing to work towards the ultimate goal of true equality throughout the world About CORE CORE in an acronym for Congress Of Racial Equality

Founded in 1942 it is the third oldest and one of the "Big Four" civil rights group

There main focus in the 40s was fighting the "Jim Crow" laws and in the 50s it was doing sit ins and hosting nonviolent protest Locations CORE's national headquarters is in New York City

They have affiliates all across the United States

They also have affiliates over seas such as in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America

The group is accepted by the City of New York Summary The group was founded by James Farmer in 1942

This group is completely devoted to civil rights

They were a very important factor in the civil rights movement

They hosted many important sit ins and freedom rides

They existed from the 40s till present day
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