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Ghost Dances (1981)

Christopher Bruce

Megan Kennedy

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of Ghost Dances (1981)

Christopher Bruce (1981) Ghost Dances Ghost Dances Summary: Choreographer: Christopher Bruce
Year of premier: 1981 (Rambert Ballet)
Set Design:Christopher bruce
Costume: Belinda Scarlett
Lighting: Nick Shelton
Structure:Seven Sections Describe the set for Ghost Dances. How does the set Contribute to the dance?

Describe the Costumes for Ghost Dances, How do they help to convey a sense of Character?

What Style of music is used? Where does it come from?

What do we think the idea of the Dance is? Analysis of Section One The Ghost Dancers: Workshop 1: Christopher Bruce's 'Ghost Dances' is based around the political issue of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. People who spoke out or were opposed to Pinochet's regime were murdered or they mysteriously disappeared. In 'Ghost Dances', eight people are haunted by three ghosts in the Andes Mountains. One by one, each person is picked off by the ghosts, who represent death. Analysis of Actions: Where are the ghost dancers on the stage?

What do the Ghost dancers movements suggest to you?

Describe a gesture or movement within this section?

What qualities/dynamics are seen in this section?

Pick out three actions from ghost Dances that re-occur: Or particularly represent the idea of the dance to you? Learn Collaborative Set Material:

In Trios use your four freeze frame moments from the beginning of the lesson and incorporate these into the set material:combine and adapt/develop material to create a short phrase. Aim: Is to explore the movement Material of the Ghost Dancers, Convey the theme of Ghost Dances through your performance. Think About:Quality, Anamalistic Features,predators,Use spatial designs that you have observed in the Video,Reoccurring movements/motifs,Dynamics,Choreographic Devices you see in the choreography. Actions: Anamalistic Jumps Leaps Attitude Turns Rolls Cannon Unison Sections? Costume? How many dancers ? Lighting? Year? 1.What Choreographic Devices are used within ghost dances section 1, how do these devices help to portray the theme? 2.Describe two movements/gesture that show the theme, and tell me why they show the theme? 3.What style of music is used? Where does it come from? How does the music contribute to the theme? 4.In section 1 the ghost dancers move around the stage.Where do they move?What do the changes in pathway tell the audience? How does this convey the theme? Task Two:
In Pairs discuss and feedback on the questions: Please take notes on the back of your 'history' handout when other members of the group are feeding back.
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