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Egyptian Archetypal Myths

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Katherine Rigney

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Egyptian Archetypal Myths

So, Thoth took the light from the moon goddess and added five days to the calendar to make 365 days. Now, Nut had five days on which she could have children without disobeying Ra. And have children she did, five of them, one each of the five days. Egyptian Myths Creation By Katherine Rigney and Niharika Rao First there was nothing Then, out of the watery chaos of Nu comes Atum. Atum Created 2 gods, Shu, and Tefnut They were given the task of creating Ma'at They were pushed apart from each other to preserve Ma'at, though they were lovers. They Produced Geb, the earth, and Nut, the sky They have children in Isis, Hathor, Osiris, Seth, Thoth, and Nephthys. One time Atum, the creator, got lost in the still-vast sea of Nu. When he finally found his way out, he was so happy he cried tears of joy, and these fell to earth as the first men. This Myth.... Explains Where people came from How the world was created Shows that the Egyptians Valued.... Order, Discipline, and Personal Sacrifice This is shown when Geb and
Nut are pushed apart to preserve peace. Ma'at is equally as powerful as Chaos, and neither overtakes the other Stability of power God- Teacher Fall Destruction Ra ruled Earth wisely and well for many years However, as he grew old, men jeered him, and disobeyed his laws. Men did evil things in the disobeying of his laws. Ra had no choice but to strike them down. Ra gathered all of the gods in council, to offer advice on whether or not to destroy mankind. They told him to destroy those who jeered him, so he created Sekhmet, the fiercest of all goddesses Sekhmet killed all those who disobeyed Ra, until at last even he felt bad for the humans. Ra ordered humans to make beer that looked blood red. When Sekhmet drank this "blood", she became inebriated and was easily subdued by Ra. This myth... Explains why men are disobedient to some rulers Shows that Egyptians value Obedience shown because those who disobey Ra are punished. Piousness shown because devout people are spared she became a tamer version of herself, and from then on was associated with love and passion, not fierceness or death This myth... "Obey the gods and you will be rewarded. Disobey, and you will be punished." Has a moral of Explains Cycles Hero Osiris is now known as the god of the Underworld However, long ago, he resided on Earth. This myth... In the time when he lived on Earth,Egypt was a barbaric land, with no civilization or laws of any kind He made it his duty to bring civilization to Egypt When Osiris Saw this, he was greatly disturbed. Osiris taught the Egyptians what to eat, the art of agriculture, how to worship the gods, and gave them laws Thoth helped with the intellectual arts, but Osiris is mostly credited for this civilization. The civilization of Egypt. Explains (ie. Laws, religion, social structure, etc.) Writing, farming, religion, structure, and other perks civilization brings. Shows the Egyptians Value Ra's wife, Nut, was in love with the god Geb. why men are evil sometimes Those who were respectful to the gods, and quick action in times of need Shows the Egyptains Valued When Ra discovered her betrayal, he was furious. He forbid her from having children on any of the 360 days that made up the year at that time. Has a Moral of "Even the fiercest can be brought to their knees by the gods, so respect them and obey them" This broke Nut's heart, so she called on her friend, Thoth, to help her.He needed Silene, the moon goddess, to help him because her light rivaled that of Ra. So he asked her if he could have a seventh of her light, and she agreed. This Myth... Explains... Why the moon wanes every month 365 days in a year Shows that they value... Intelligence and wit, even if it causes infidelity Osiris was the oldest child of Ra and Nut. He married one of the important deities, Isis. His brother Seth, was also married to a sister, Nephthys. Seth was extremely jealous of Osiris and his position as ruler and he sought out Osiris to kill him. Seth tricked Osiris by showing him a casket that he said was made exactly to his proportions and of exquisite quality. As Osiris got into the casket to see about the fit, Seth sealed the casket closed, and sent Osiris along the Nile to suffocate. Isis was frantic and finally found Osiris in Byblos, Phoenicia where he had grown as part of a massive tree. She brought him home and Osiris was briefly resurrected and Isis bore his son, Horus. Osiris then died again and Seth found his body and chopped it up into small pieces. Along with Thoth, Horus rebuilds Osiris, had his revenge on Seth, and defeats him to become ruler of the Earth. This Myth explains... How Horus plotted revenge against Seth, and became a hero to all. Egyptians value... revenge
fairness Moral What goes around, comes around...
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