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Tyke Tyler

No description


on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Tyke Tyler

The Turbulent Term Of Tyke Tiler!!! Danny Tyke are Best Friends:) Danny stoles ten pond note from Mrs.Bonfire's Purse:( Danny shows the note to Tyke ! Tyke gets very angry because stealing others money is a bad deed! Danny gives all responsibility to Tyke to put stolen money back. Tyke was standing by a Rubish Bin that suddenly Mrs.Somers appears. Mrs Somers asked Tyke about his presence in the Corridor. Tyke was speechless and was asked to leave the Corridor. Tyke was inable to find any safe place to hide the Note,so he goes to his School store room. In the store room he hide the note behind Mr Walter's Picture and leaves, Mrs Bonfire reports the head that a ten pond note is gone from her Purse. The head makes an announcement for the stolen money and orders not to leave until the checking has been done. Next day,Tyke found out that the painting was gone from the School store room. Tyke narrates the inncident to Danny and they both become sad and worried. Tyke dreads that The Head got the stolen money back and then gets called by The Head along with the Mouse Owner. Danny gets speechless when The Head asks him about the note but Danny admits that he had stolen the money, but he did not intended to do that. In the end,Mrs.Bonfire Forgives Danny and asks him to visit her and have tea with her.
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