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20 things about brandon cano a4

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of 20 things about brandon cano a4

i like learning about religions and stuff like that
my family is a mix of budists and catholoics
my favorite thing is anime
these are my favorite animes 1.one piece 2.attack on titan
3.death note 4.full metal alchemist 5.fairy tail
i love creepy pastas too
my favorite are 1.mister smiley 2.jeff the killer 3.C.P.E facility
4. Robert the doll 5. the rake
i like animals
my favorites are 1. dogs and cats 2.hedge hogs 3.foxes 4.bears
5. reptiles
i like playing with friends
my best friends name is Mauricio
i like playing video games
these are my favorites
20 things about Brandon Cano
i like listening to music
My favorite band
is linkin park
i like american shows to
my favorite american show is the
walking dead
my favorite sports are
1. basket ball
my favorite foods are
1. empanadas, 2.pizza 3.rice 4.ice cream
now things i really hate
i hate these shows 1.teletubbies 2. sesame street 3.baby first bunny 4. barney because they creep me out
i hate boring things
i hate waiting
i really, REALLY hate homework
foods I really hate are
my most hated food ever is 1. seafood 2.cinamon roll 3.mushroom 4.lime
songs that i really hate
an things like face book are boring
i hate heavy metal because it is not that good , but some of them are good
i don't like classical because its boring
sports i don't like are
they are just not fun to
watch or play
i don't like these animals
these animals are
either annoying gross
or deadly
these are animes that i don't like
bleach gets to old and boring
sword art online is so
dramatic and annoying
i used to love
Naruto with a passion
but it's just boring now
these are people i hate
justin bieber has horrible songs is
a terrible person and is annoying
tyga has catchy songs
but they say bad things
and are messed up
i hate boring games like the sims or call of duty ghosts
anime is the best of the best
although some people might say anime is all the same, you have to read subtitles all the time. im okay with that but all anime is different and there are many different kinds to explore. anime is fun and there are alot of great anime and manga makers my favorite is Eiichiro Oda. who made one piece a show about pirates trying to find the mystical treasure of the late king gol. D roger. some pirates have powers granted to them by eating devil fruits the main character Luffy is made of rubber so he doesn't get affected by blunt attacks also he can stretch any part of his body and he can bite into his thumb and inflate himself. other characters like Shirohige (white beard) a very powerful pirate who has the ability to temperarly break reality and cause earthquakes, tsunamis, shock waves and stuff like that. i like anime because ton's of creator's make really creative and good animes. the problem with anime is that sometimes alot of animes have really bloody or bad parts but aside from that they also have nice and friendly parts besides if you don't like the blood and stuff just close your eyes.
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