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Playing with Media - Mediatized Play in Everyday Life

CounterPlay 2014

Stine Liv Johansen

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Playing with Media - Mediatized Play in Everyday Life

Playing with Media
- Mediatized Play in Everyday Life
Mediatization of Play
...the meaning of new, digital media in relation to children’s play, through a holistic, anthropological view on children’s everyday life and with children’s own perspectives as the primary focal point.
Multi-sited, participant observation
Children's leisure time
Inside and outside institutional settings
Informal interviews
Sound, video, photos, field notes
the iPad as a data collection tool
How to study this?
Play is hard work
Definitions of play
- what are they actually doing?
Learning to play
The embeddedness of digital media

Thank you
CounterPlay - Aarhus, April 2014
Stine Liv Johansen, Ass. Professor, Ph.D., Aarhus University
Play is:

1. Browsing and immersion
2. Physical movements and positioning
3. Learning/information seeking
4. Cooperation
5. Connections
6. Challenges and problems
Mediatization - media as practice, media life, media's molding forces
Play theory - interpretive reproduction
Remix and anchoring practices
Media's tech and symbolic affordances
The framing of play
vs. Play mood
What is play?
a tool

a practice
a mood
Play is also:
The Fabric of Everyday Life
But: Play is not optional. It's fundamental!
Frederik: But then again, it's like there is football in everything. It's kind of a core, where everything begins, almost. It's like... How can I explain it...? (the other boys giggles)
Int: It's the point of departure?
Frederik: It's the point of departure. Also, there is somthing that keeps you going. For example, if you only sat there, looking at each other, and like... 'How are you doing?' 'Yeah, the weather is nice'... But then, in FIFA, you can sit and play and 'wow, goal!' instead of just 'ooh, ooh'. You can keep yourselves going more, so to speak.
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