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Poseidon God of the Sea

No description

michelle coe

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Poseidon God of the Sea

Posiedon God of the Sea
Greek Gods and Goddesses
Greek gods and goddesses were thought to be the reason why things happened.
Before gods and goddesses there were Titans. From those Titans gods and goddesses were formed.
The gods overthrew the Titans with something that would destroy them, The Kracken.
The Kracken is supposedly the most horrifying thing ever created.
Poseidon is a greek god. Known as "God of the Sea".
Poseidon was the second most powerful god between his brothers Zeus and Hades.
Poseidon looks like a man with a sturdy build, a dark beard, and holding a trident.
Poseidon is the son of Cronus and Rhea.
Poseidon was born in a flock of lambs by Rhea.
He and his siblings were swallowed by their father Cronus.
Later, Cronus was poisoned and forced to bring back all of the children.
Poseidon lives deep in the sea; in a palace near Aegae in Euboea.
Poseidon's spouse is Amphitrite.
Their relationship was predicted by the mother of Poseidon, Rhea.
She held Amphitrite in her arms and talked to her.
She said, "One day, a great man will come across you, and he will fall in love with you, and you will become a great queen like your mother."
Poseidon's children include: Triton, Kymopoleia, Benthesikyme, Rhode, Proteus, Areion, Despoine, Pegasos, Khrysaor, Khrysomallos, Asopos, Athena, The Daimones Proseoous, The Tekekines, and Kharybdis
Triton is a messenger of the sea
Proteus was a seal herdsman
Pegasos or Pegasus was a winged horse
Poseidon was a violent and very moody man.
At times when he was mad the seas would become a rage of massive waves.
He may be in a good mood and when that happens he will make the seas calm
He had a bad temper and would take revenge if you made him angry.
Poseidon treated others with respect but only the people who hadn't angered him
He inflicted danger upon those who didn't pray and think him as powerful.
Others thought of him as viscous.
Symbols and Possession
Sometimes a Bull
Poseidon always carried his Trident which he used to create earthquakes and raise waves.
Another thing that is important to him is a horse. Poseidon created the horse to impress Demeter.
Digital Video Story
Poseidon was a very moody man and could be angered easily.
He and his brothers Hades and Zeus determined who got sea, sky, and the underworld
He had several love lifes but only on woman whom he married, Amphitrite.
Poseidon held the trident and can create waves and earthquakes.
He also created the horse.
Michelle Coe
Miss Bohonos
Period 3

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