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Turkish Armenian Genocide

No description

Wallis Cronin

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Turkish Armenian Genocide

World War 1 began in 1914 and the Ottoman Empire joined forces against Russia.

While they were involved in the war they also were attacking the Armenians.

By 1918 one million Armenians had been killed (50%)
The Beginnings
Foreshadowing seen in 1894-6. 200,000 Armenians were killed.

Armenians were not given the same rights as Muslims who also lived in seprate communities with different laws

In 1912-13 the Balkans region broke from the Ottoman Empire and suffered loss of many men. Nationalism grew as Turks came home.

Then in 1914 the Empire fought against Russia in World War I, but lost. Many Armenians fought against them and that made the Turkish people angry
Genocide or not?
Turkish Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide survivors Oronik Eminian, Arsaloys Dadir and Charlotte Kechejian.

Within years almost all the Armenians were killed but those who did survive were exiled.

These 3 women are among the few who survived.

Haig Baronian
"What is the fault of children to be subjected to such suffering"
Aurora Mardiganian
She became and author and
wrote "Ravished Armenia"
Similarities to the Jewish Holocaust
The Turkish fighting in World War I against Russia and their allies.
Like many other cases of war and genocide there a few people who decided they will not let it define them as a person.

Some Armenians resisted by fighting in World War I against Turkey.
This photograph shows a man who is taunting the starving Armenians with a piece of bread.
This is a public hanging of some Armenian leaders
These humans died from starvation by the Turks
The majority of people do recognize the Armenian killings a genocide but some still do not. There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. Social- Turkey is very proud of its 20th century achivements and doesn't want to be connected to a genocide which the world looks down upon.
2.Political- There might be compensation that would have to be paid for the killings of the Armenian people.

The USA is among the few that do not recognize the killings as a genocide.

Turkey & Armenia Today
In 2009 the two countries opened their borders again.

Turkey helped the Republic of Armenia in 1991 with humanitarian assistance.

Turkey was one of the first countries to recognize Armenia.

Efforts are being made to "normalize" the relations.

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