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Prezi vs Powerpoint

This is my official entry for the Prezi contest (http://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_190687290961825). Prezi was made by Harvey Cu.

Harvey Cu

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Prezi vs Powerpoint

PREZI VS POWERPOINT a prezi made by harvey cu Prezi. What is Prezi? So basically, Prezi is a unique, non-linear presentation platform, which uses a 'canvas', instead of slides. "Prezi is a flash-based nonlinear storytelling tool for creating dynamic multimedia presentations. The end result is not a set of slides, but a canvas where the user can zoom in and out, discovering contextual relationships,"--Hanson Hosein. "(Prezi is) very much like rearranging post-it notes on a white board to tell a story..."--Hanson Hosein. PREZI Do overviews
Create dynamic and engaging transitions
Give emphasis on ideas by zooming, focusing and sizing them or zooming Create Prezi is able to capture the on ideas by..... and SIZING focusing IMPORTANT IDEA Need to know Trivia You HAVE to know this T H E O V E R V I E W THIS IS humor You don't really have to know this... You don't really have to know this... jokes BIG PICTURE using the 'overview'. EMPHASIS Give Be a powerful story-telling tool, Once upon a time... There was born a piece of bread. Her master named her 'Barbie', for that was the name of the hungry girl who had ordered her. AND THEN Barbie had died a yummy, low-calorie death. PREZI FREE! friendly interface

thriving sharing community works online, stores Prezi's online, able to access them anywhere.

Able to turn into Flash, viewable without internet. PROS CONS Able to invite editors, encourages collaboration Easily able to upload pictures, YouTube videos, flash animations, etc. FUN and dynamic confusing and complicated for beginners (Powerpoint veterans...) Limited tools (compared to other platforms), though this may encourage people to be more creative with his limited, yet flexible tools. "Organic" and natural feel CAN... Both Powerpoint and Prezi are But take note, All in all, it all depends on the user. It is the USER who is the life and soul of the presentation. Tools like Prezi and Powerpoint should serve only as guides. With the right presentation, one can effectively voice out his ideas and dazzle the audience. But in the end, it all goes back to you. they are only TOOLS. (for example) end of prezi thanks for viewing! Hanson Hosein. Resurrection by Prezi. www.mcdm.washington.com. http://flipthemedia.com/index.php/2010/09/resurrection-by-prezi-after-death-by-powerpoint/
Prezi. YouTube.com. Prezi, stunning presentation for your ideas and the web. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP85gKbUDXs&NR=1
Prezi. YouTube.com. What is Prezi? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxhqD0hNx4Q Sources: White Board. Photo. http://treehousegroup.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/bigonbloor-whiteboard1.jpg
ead. Photo. http://images.free-extras.com/pics/p/pumpkin_bread-863.jpg Flashy animations + beautiful presentation < Good, prepared speaker PREZI POWERPOINT powerful tool for presenting can support the speaker's ideas uses a 'canvas' uses slides can cost around $250+ Free dynamic transitions wide variety of tools limited tools traditional and linear non-linear familiar new prezi powerpoint powerful tools in presenting user. DYNAMIC and ENGAGING transitions Comparison PREZI VS POWERPOINT a prezi made by Harvey Cu
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