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The journey of a red blood cell!

Miranda Butterfield Mrs. Carter Biology FLVS!

Miranda Butterfield

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The journey of a red blood cell!

Mrs. Carters Biology Class
Class 2013-2014
step on it!
For this assignment, you will create a project that describes the voyage of a red blood cell through the circulatory system. You have a choice of the type of project you will complete; you may create a:

comic strip
narrative story
slide-show presentation
When completing your “voyage of a red blood cell” be sure to include:

the structures and functions of the circulatory system
factors that affect blood flow through the circulatory system
interactions between the red blood cell and important molecules, cells, and organs
complete sentences should be used in all written descriptions and explanations
important terms including:
alveoli arteries bone marrow capillaries
carbon dioxide cellular respiration deoxygenated blood heart
hemoglobin lungs oxygen oxygenated blood
plasma platelets pulmonary circulation systemic circulation
veins white blood cells
Journey of a red blood cell
The start of this journey begins inside the bone, where the blood cell is made. The red blood cells travel around the body within capillaries.
The red blood cell travels through the pulmonary artery to the lungs. Here it picks up oxygen, travels back to the heart through the pulmonary vein and then enters the left atrium.
The deoxygenated red blood cell makes its way to the heart in the vena cava.
The red blood cell then enters the right atrium. After the blood cell has made its way to the heart the right atrium contracts and pushes the blood cell through the tricuspid and into the right ventricle.
Let's GO!
Miranda Butterfield:)
Biology 7.02
I received this information at:
Flvs...in the biology sections:)
I received pictures from:
Google Images
They were edited for better veiwing:-)
Next the right ventricle contacts and pushes the blood cell out of the heart through the semi lunar.
When the red blood cell then enters the left atrium, it contracts and pushes the blood cells through the bicuspid and into the left ventricle.
The left ventricle contracts and pushes the red blood cell through the semi lunar, out of the heart, and into the aorta. Next, it travels through the aorta, and into the kidneys trunk and lower limb's.
The de-oxygenated blood travels up through the vena cava. That's not it! The blood cell starts the journey over again.
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