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FIRST 5 Mendocino Annual Report 2011

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FIRST 5 Mendocino

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of FIRST 5 Mendocino Annual Report 2011

FIRST 5 Mendocino Initiatives The Community Foundation of Mendocino County Community Grants Mission: FIRST 5 advocates for children ages zero-5
so that they may be happy, healthy, and ready
for kindergarten. We work through partnerships
and collaborations with parents and other community organizations. We use our resources to fund, coordinate, and evaluate programs that promote healthy development for children in Mendocino County. How are Mendocino County Children Doing Now? Community Outreach Events There are almost 7,000 children ages 0-5 and over 1,100 births annually.
The infant mortality rate is 6.7 per 1,000 live births, the second highest in the state.
38% of households are headed by single parents and 61% are headed by married parents.
23% of children live in poverty.
66% of children are eligible for free and reduced lunch at school.
Compared to the rest of the state, there are twice the number of cases of substantiated child abuse or neglect.
Over 40% of children entering kindergarten are overweight or obese.
Only 33% of 3rd grade students and only 25% of economically-disadvantaged 3rd grade students are proficient in reading.
31% of 3rd grade students are not proficient in math. Partnership for
Healthy Babies Family Resource Center Network FIRST 5 Mendocino works with its trusted partner, the Community Foundation of Mendocino County, to oversee investments of Healthy Kids Mendocino and the Imagination Library. In the 2010-11 fiscal year we invested $400,000 to show our commitment to keeping programs available and sustainable for the next five years and beyond. FIRST 5 hopes this investment will inspire other donors to partner with us in order to secure the future of literacy programs and health insurance for children. Food Pantry in Round Valley - Food for All - $750 FIRST 5 Programs through Partners FIRST 5 Programs through Partners This fiscal year dates from July 1st, 2010 - June 30th 2011.

FIRST 5 Mendocino receives its funding from the state through Proposition 10, a tax on tobacco products.

Each county in California has a First 5 that works to best allocate funds based on First 5 California goals and specific needs in their individual county.

First 5 continually focuses on protecting and promoting early brain development, as well as meeting families' immediate needs.

At FIRST 5 Mendocino, we form partnerships throughout the entire county by sharing resources. We travel to different locations to provide education classes, to participate in outreach events, to meet and collaborate with partners and for general information sessions.

Every year, each First 5 is audited by an independent agency. Expenditures in Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Source: www.kidsdata.org and www.unstats.un.org We hope you enjoyed this presenation. You can learn more about FIRST 5 Mendocino at our website www.mendochildren.org.
If you would like to know more about the information presented or about any of our partners, please call Courtney, outreach coordinator, at (707) 462-4453. Commissioners Every year, FIRST 5 Mendocino grants funds to local organizations for extraordinary or unexpected circumstances. These Special Funding Requests fall in line with FIRST 5's mission and cannot be used as start-up money. This year, grants were given to 11 different organizations. Thank you! AmeriCorps VISTAs (left to right) Courtney Hotchkiss, Adrienne Binder, Belinda Judelman, Jamie Boban, Ashley Bergen and Pheriche Robinson. FIRST 5 Staff Anne Molgaard
Executive Director Lydia Villegas Menaka Olson Roseanne Castro Terri Davis Jim Levine Stacey Cryer Diane Pauli Jeremy Mann, M.D. Lucresha Renteria Dan Hamburg Paul Tichinin Maya Stuart Delivers a free book each month to children ages zero-5. Encourages parents to
monitor their children’s “screen time.” Offers positive parenting classes for parents and child care providers. Gets kids moving through an innovative physical activity program. Distributes and installs free smoke alarms to families that need them. Filled with education materials and local resources for new parents.
Provides a range of services to families throughout the county. Offers referrals to services that support families. A free telephone and web directory of all the services offered in the county. Supports women who are breastfeeding. Helping families take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit and child care deductions. Empowers the community one garden at a time. Gifts diapers to families experiencing an emergency. Provides assistance with health insurance applications and referrals for children zero-19. Increases the use of food stamps to help people budget and to increase the amount of money in the local economy. Works to bring awareness of the effects of substance abuse during pregnancy. Rewards child care providers who increase their education. Hot Lunches - New Springs Preschool - $1,500

Summer School Kinder Readiness - Potter Valley Youth & Community Center - $8,000

Car Seat Safety Training - Round Valley Indian Health Center- $3,075

Breastfeeding Support - Action Network - South Coast - $6,000 Advocates for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Safe Playground - Leggett Valley School District - $2,100 Behavioral Health - NCO Headstart - Countywide - $5,000 Fitness - NCO Rural Child Communities - Countywide - $5,000 Increasing library database - Round Valley Library - $3,000 Food for Hungry People - Willits Community Services and Food Bank- $4,500 Food for Families in Need - Willits Daily Bread - $4,000 Community Outreach Events How we help children and families. Current Statistics: FIRST 5 Mendocino's Goals Check out the "Family Fun Calendar" on our website for an up-to-date list of family friendly events around the county. FIRST 5 is able to meet children and families by attending outreach events within the county throughout the year. continued...
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