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Dmitri Ivanovsky

A presentation of one of the founders of virology, Dmitri Ivanovsky.

Afza Mohammed

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Dmitri Ivanovsky

A presentation by yours truly,
Afza Mohammed
Period 2 PHS

Dmitri Ivanovsky
founder of virology
Dmitri Ivanovsky was born in the year of 1864, and died in 1920, at the age of 56.
How He Came to Be ....
Heritage & Personality
Progressive Era.
Considered founder of virology
Gdov, Russia
Work contributed to the
Dmitri was assigned to study the diseases that were killing huge crops of planatation at the time. It was here that he found out a new type of "thing," which would later be known as a
Later, a his work was challenged by a Dutch microbiologist named Martinus Beijerinck, his work was confirmed, which contributed to a whole new section of scientific study.
Famous? Work? What Happened? Other Discoveries?
Dmitri was famous because his understanding of diseases contributed to a whole path for scientists to study. However, as he continued to work on tobacco diseases, no scientists paid attention and he ended up dropping his studies after publishing two articles.
However, other scientific discoveries in the Progressive Era included other things such as atomic structure, genetics, and antitoxins.
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