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Mobile in the Office

How to adapt and stay professional in a social media world

Steve Retka

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Mobile in the Office

Mobile Devices & the Office How to adapt and stay professional in a social media world Steve Retka Social Media Coordinator Spyder Trap Mobile Web @steveretka The proliferation of mobile devices has blurred the lines between personal and professional lives Smartphones Tablets How much time is spent on mobile web and apps? Mobile Web 2011 2012 23B Apps 2011 2012 58B 28B 129B 2011 2012 Total time spent on mobile up 21% Apps What does this mean for you? Technology in the workplace no longer a possibility, but a reality It's never too late to jump into mobile! Personal vs. Professional Shifting roles Why mobile matters Personal vs. Professional Shifting Roles Every employee is now: PR marketer
Product tester
Webmaster Clear separation of personal and professional lives is needed It's important to "turn off" from constant online accessibility What we'll be covering today Why mobile matters to you Social Media the Standard Social media has become a legitimate business tool Social media and mobile devices have grown together More responsibilities mean more opportunities Social Media the standard Introduction to social media How you can leverage it 1B 200M 160M 135M 12M Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Top Social Networks by Monthly Active Users LinkedIn has 200M members
Over 2M company pages
Over 3B LinkedIn searches
200% increase in social interaction for posts since recent update Good for B2B companies or those with a lot of content or information Over 1B members
42M Pages with 10 or more Page Likes
77% of B2C companies have acquired customers via Facebook Good for any consumer-facing business or company 500M members
175M tweets sent each day
34% marketers have generated leads through Twitter Good for consumer-facing companies with resources to dedicate to social Growth of Social Media 63% increase in social media use from 2011-2012

181B minutes spent on social networks in July 2012 Over 10M members
80% users are women
43% prefer to interact with brands on Pinterest over Facebook Good for retailers or companies with a lot of visual content 500M members
235M active across Google services
40% marketers use Google+
68% users are male Good for companies with a lot of content or information Does your company need to be on social media? Absolutely, positively, 100%...maybe The key to social media is knowing when not to use it. As social media became the standard, the focus shifted to quality over quantity How do I get started on social media? Start by observing Follow others on and see how the conversation flows Spend time each day keeping up on the latest news and updates Cover Photo Large photo at the top of the profile page Pinned Post Flagged post that stays at the top of the feed for 7 days Highlighted
Post Post stretching across both columns of the Facebook feed Insights Feature letting admins view page stats Profile Picture Smaller picture on page, should always be a logo People Talking
About This Measures engaged users who have liked, commented, or shared a post Follower User who has subscribed to your tweets Tweet 140-character message on Twitter Way of organizing and categorizing tweets with a # sign before certain words Hashtag # The name of a Twitter account, starting with the @ sign Handle @ User you have chosen to subscribe to; you will see their tweets in your Home stream Following Using someone’s Twitter handle in a tweet Mention A group of users, generally organized around a specific topic. List A private message between two users Direct Message Tweet beginning with a Twitter handle directed at another user Reply Sharing something tweeted by another user Retweet Company Page LinkedIn page specific to a company Insights Analytics tool available for page admins Followers Users following company page updates Services Products and services that admins can create and build out Recommendation Reviews users can write about different services listed Updates Company news and links that admins can post on a company page Pin Picture posted to Pinterest Board A collection of pins, organized by the user Repin Posting a pin directly from another user on to one of your boards Like Similar to a Facebook Like, a liked pin does not get reposted to a board Secret Board Private board that is not publicly viewable Users who have subscribed to your pins Following Circles Way of organizing users and pages Added to Circles Users who have subscribed to your posts Hangout Video chat service, can be public or private +1 Google+ equivalant to a Facebook Like, +1ing a post adds a post to your profile Communities Public groups organized around a specific topic Not every channel is right for every business Page Like How a user follows a company or brand page Friend Mutual following of two profiles Subscriber Lets a user follow a profile without friending 3 Things to know before you jump into social media... 1 2 3 What: Know the social channels Who: Know your audience Why: Know what you want to get out of it 1 Who should we be targeting? Social media is a business tactic and should be treated as such Don't target who you think is using social media, stick with your business demographic 2 What can we get out of social? Brand awareness
Thought leadership
Customer engagement
Sales leads
Web traffic 3 What social media channels do I need to know about? Established powerhouses
Business-minded networks
Up-and-comers What roles can I expect to fill? 1 Editing 2 Monitoring Creating 3 Editing Updating profile information
Changing visuals Monitoring Keeping an eye out for mentions
Checking email accounts Creating Posting content:
Responses Key Takeaways Mobile is here to stay, so leverage it Social media isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and should be treated like any business tactic More responsibilities are new opportunities 1 2 3 What can you do to leverage mobile? Embrace the Mobile Web Responsive website: One site that adjusts for different displays Mobile website: Two sites, one built for smaller displays Why social media matters
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