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Keys to Success in Online Classes

No description

Melissa Martin

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Keys to Success in Online Classes

But what about the challenges?
Keys to Success in Online Classes
The benefits are obvious ...
More Responsibility for Your Learning
Requires More Self-discipline
“I recommend students to discipline themselves to stay current or ahead.”

“Online classes are not for everyone.  If a student has lack of discipline then it's best to stay away from online classes.”

“I just lied to myself that things were due sooner to get them done on time.”
Other Suggestions
Check email regularly
Visit the course website frequently
Expect to do a lot of reading and writing
Advice from former students:
“I would suggest students set specific time slots to do their work each week.”

"Start the work early; that way if you have questions, you have time to get them answered."

Advice from former students:
Don't expect an easier class
Use all of the resources provided
Ask for help when you need it
Advice from former students:
“The email reminders from the professor really helped me remember when stuff was due.”

“I always took notes while I read each chapter that was assigned.  This helps with weekly quizzes, exercises, and studying for exams.”

"Virtual office hours were really helpful. I should have started using them sooner."
Study when it fits my schedule
Avoid long commutes to campus
Customize the learning process
Learn anywhere!
Procrastination can be fatal!
Make sure you have enough time (5-7 hrs/wk)
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