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No description

Nathan Boshart

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal and There Fish Fish is a very big part of Portugal culture.

I think God made Portugal an interesting, small, but amazing country with great beaches, great people and great history. Christian Perspective

Population 10.56 million
Area in square kilometers 92 391 km. General Information Good-bye! Thank you for watching! Portugal’s Mountains Portugal’s Plains

I made Portugal my choice because it is one of my countries of origin and I thought why not learn more about Portugal? My Grandparents on my Mom’s side immigrated to Canada from Portugal in 1962. Why I Made Portugal My Choice? By: Nathaniel Boshart Portugal’s Religion Some of the best in the
world! Portugal’s
Beaches A Canadian Moorish people The Moors Who Settled Portugal A rich person would live here A non rich person lives here How People Live in Portugal This a picture of Portuguese folk in traditional dresses. Portuguese People Did you know Portugal only has one neighbor country? It’s Spain, but in result of this, they have amazing beaches off the coast into the North Atlantic Ocean. Roman People Settled Portugal Reasons and Places to Go in Portugal Map of Europe Map of Portugal Portugal's Neighbors PORTUGAL The Right One Interesting Things About Portugal Algarve is Moorish word for west
Avo is portuguese for grandma A Canadian A Roman
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