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Revolutionary War Battles

No description

Scott Phillips

on 14 November 2018

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Transcript of Revolutionary War Battles

Revolutionary War: 1775-1783
Lexington & Concord
Mass. April 19 1775
Gen. Gage orders march from Boston to Lexington looking for Sam Adams & Hancock
Paul Revere warns town (but he doesn't make it)
700 British vs. 70 militiamen (8 die, 0 British)
"Shot heard round the world"
British move to Concord to weapons stockpile
America loses Lexington, wins Concord. War has begun!
Bunker (Breeds) Hill
Mass. June 16, 1775
America fortify hill to stop British from taking strategic points
3 attacks
1. Gen. Gage orders ships to shoot (too far)
2. Gen. Howe attacks from the beach
3. Frontal assault 3 times! (Hand to hand combat)

Americans retreat (run out of ammo)
British hurt badly. Proves war won't be easy for GB!
Defend New York
Aug.-Sept. 1776
Washington= 20,000 troops
General Howe= 32,000
Howe offers peace if rescind independence (No!)
Fight on Long Island & Manhattan
Amer. lose. Washington retreats to NJ/PA.
Howe could have captured GW but he let him go
Battle of Trenton
Dec. 26, 1776
Washington chased to PA (Howe let him go again!)
Morale low. Many desert Washington
Paine writes "The Crisis"
Hessians (hired German soldiers) across river in NJ
Washington crosses Delaware and surprise attacks
Breaks courtesy of not attacking on Christmas
Amer.-4 casualties
G.B.- 900 casualties
American morale boost!
Battle of Princeton
January, 1777
Few supplies for militia (no shoes or clean clothes!)
Gen. Cornwallis sees Washington and attacks
America actually wins in open battle!
Heavy British casualties

G.B. retreats to NY, heavy losses
G.B. Howe leads 15,000 to take Philly in July
Wash. goes to Valley Forge (2,000 die) in winter
Baron von Steuben trains militia!
Battle of Saratoga
NY Sept. 19, 1777
British plan to divide North and South & capture Albany
Gen. Burgoyne- 7,000 from Canada
William Howe- from NYC
American retreat, try to slow G.B. army
Gen. Horatio Gates (Amer.) attacks Burgoyne (G.B.)
Burgoyne never receives help.
GB surrenders. Turning point b/c France decides to help colonists!
Battle of Yorktown
VA- Sept 28-Oct 19 1781
G.B. thinks Loyalists/slaves in South will help
Gen. Cornwallis (G.B.) moves 8,000 to VA
Americans use
guerilla warfare
- avoid face to face battle. Keeps Cornwallis busy
Washington joins Marquis de Lafayette
Traps Cornwallis against coast at Yorktown
French navy blocks G.B. support from the sea
Cornwallis surrenders
Amer/France-72 killed
G.B. 156 killed
War over (minor fighting)
Treaty of Paris 1783
Reps: John Adams, Ben Franklin, John Jay
US recognized as an independent country
Borders: Canada, Atlantic, Georgia, Mississippi River
Agree on fishing rights
Return Loyalist property
British soldiers evacuated
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