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Leon Trotsky: A Leader in the 1917 Russian Revolution

This prezi will blow your mind while giving you plenty of facts

Robbie Stirling

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Leon Trotsky: A Leader in the 1917 Russian Revolution

Synthesis of Focus Areas
By using these diagrams, we show how our focus areas relate to each other.
Conclusion and Connection to Animal Farm
Animal Farm by George Orwell is a historical fiction novel
The animals in the book symbolized bold figures in the Russian Revolution
These figures are also known as Russian Revolutionaries
A pig in Animal Farm named Snowball, who was a main leader on the farm until he was exiled, represents Leon Trotsky
We know this because in chapter 5 of Animal Farm Napoleon, who represents Joseph Stalin, trains dogs to exile Snowball just how Joseph Stalin exiled Trotsky from Russia.
A Visual Recap
Trotsky's Role in the Russian Revolution
At the start of the Soviet Union, he served first as People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs
He later served as founder and commander of the Red Army as People's Commissar of Military and Navel Affairs
He was a important figure in the Bolsheviks' victory in the Russian Civil War
What Trotsky Wanted for The Soviet Union
Trotsky's Role Under Lenin
Why Leon Trotsky Clashed With Joseph Stalin
Leon Trotsky: A Leader in the 1917 Russian Revolution
By: Jason Nacario and Robbie Stirling P.6

How Trotsky gets Involved in Politics
Leon Trotsky was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and a Soviet politician
He was initially a supporter of the Mensheviks Internationalists who were socialists
This party was a fraction of The Russian Social Democratic Labour Party which was a socialist political party
He later was connected to the Bolsheviks and became the leader within the Party
Leon Trotsky
Vladimir Lenin
Joseph Stalin
Marxist Symbol/ YouTube video
Trotsky and Lenin were successors in the Russian Revolution
Trotsky conducted The Russian Revolution in 1917 alongside Vladimir Lenin who was the leader of the Russian SFSR
Leon Trotsky created a Marxist theory named Trotskyism
This is the theory he created that he wanted for the Soviet Union
Trotsky wanted to support funding and vanguard party of the working class
As he opposed the idea of socialism in one country, his politics differed from those of Stalinism
Trotskyism Symbol
Joseph Stalin
Leon Trotsky
Committee of the Communist Party
Trotsky was the founder and commissar of The Red Army
How Our Focus Areas Relate To Each Other

Focus Area #1 Summary
Trotsky was a supporter of the Menshevik Internationalists until he was connected to the Bolsheviks and became a leader within the party.
He served as a Commissar for Foreign Affairs, during the start of the Soviet Union. He later founded The Red Army
Focus Area #2 Summary
Trotsky was Connected to the Bolsheviks and later became a leader within the party
The Russian Revolution started
Lenin had his first stroke
The question of who would be Lenin's successor arose
Trotsky leads first opposition against Stalin
Trotsky was officially expelled from the party
Leon Trotsky was born in Ukraine
Trotsky sides with the Menshevik fraction, rejecting Lenin's Methods
Trotsky wanted a theory of Marxism for the Soviet Union
His politics differed sharply with the ones of Stalinism and this is why Trotsky and Stalin clashed
After Lenin's death, the question of who would be Lenin's successor arose, Trotsky had no chance of winning the role
By 1927, Stalin effectively exiled Trotsky
Trotsky didn't believe in the ideas of Stalinism
He did not believe in the unintelligible bureaucracy founded under Stalin after Lenin's death
The question of who would be Lenin's successor arose after his death
Trotsky had no chance of winning the battle verses Stalin because he has spent years in the party building loyalty
By 1927, Stalin had officially exiled Trotsky
The reason of the clash was that Trotsky didn't foresee what Stalin's position was in the Revolution
Their clashed resulted in harsh rules such as dissents were nott allowed, no outside influence was allowed, and no free press was allowed.
I exiled you!
Timeline of Trotsky's Life
Trotsky dies from a strike from an ice-axe. It was considered an assassination that was set up by Stalin.
Russian Revolution
Marxist Symbol
Thanks For Watching
A Teeter Totter is level when an object on each side is the same, or close to same, weight. By using this diagram, it shows that our two focus areas are "equal weight" or in other words, similar to each other
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