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No description

Hunter Park

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Sports

Sports Kendrick Perkins makes an amazing dunk on the Lakers! All the NBA logos from the old days. Oregon Ducks rule and are awesome! Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. Alex Smith is a very important player. Lebron James warming up for a important game. Frank Gore running for a touchdown against the St. Louis Rams. LaMichael James running the ball for a first down against the New England Patriots. Chargers zapping logo. Dwayne Wade on a hot wallpaper. Ryan Matthews running against the Vikings for a touchdown. Shane Battier in an action picture. I chose this picture because he is one of my favorite players. Rashard Lewis training for a game. By Hunter Park Goodbye,the end and thanks for watching! Audios
Amigos. Bye Bye Present NBA logos. I will not miss you I will miss you Farewellllllllllll This is for the world please tell people about my awesome and extreme prezi. Use Twitter Use Facebook Use the internet. Use paper airplanes. Use mail. by word Text Email Plane Travel Welcome to China. Phone people. Are you ready for my extreme ? Did you say yes or no? Bye now and I may see you later. Well too bad! Collin Kapernick is awesome.
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