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Arab Online World

No description

Farrah Omar

on 15 October 2014

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Transcript of Arab Online World

Arab Online World
Microsoft Maren
Provides organizations with huge growth potential
Internet users: 63,240,946 (2010)
Population: 212,336,924 (2010)
More than 29% use the internet
The Arabic Language
The Arabic language was an obstacle in increasing internet usage.
Companies presented Arabic versions of their products
Microsoft's Arabic language support in the 1990s

Obstacles Faced
Maren increased microsoft's business.
Program achieved over 1/4 a million downloads.
Microsoft gained customer satisfaction and loyalty in addition to competitive advantage.
Arab users don't need the internet or complicated keyboards to use their native language.
Spelling Arabic words using Roman characters and Hindu-Arabic numerals
(Arabish, Aralish, Franco-Arabic, Arabizi)
Used in ads
On TV,
On products
Movie posters
Created to deal with controversy
Unique: integrated with windows
Allowed users to produce Arabic text using QWERTY keyboards
Built in: no need to go online or switch applications
Welcomed widely among people
Downloaded by numerous users
Maren's Success
Using www.internetworldstats.com select one country in the Arab world and analyze the market demographics, then select a lucrative market segment and explain your choice.

Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Various nationalities of all ages
The Arab World and its users
The Obstacles
Arabish Is Not Enough
Microsoft's Maren
The Arab World:
One of the largest growing regions.
7th Most Spoken Language
Organization customized their product offering to suit the language and its speakers
Keyboards did not support the language
Virtual Keyboards required continuous switching between applications
Typing teachers were insufficient and required effort
Arabish Vastly Spreading
"This is a real life scenario where communicating in your own language makes all the difference.
For that segment propose a product offering based on internet usage that delivers value to the customer.

A set of applications that help navigate and socialize immigrants according to their age and nationality.
Targeted market: Expatriates
Define the positioning that you will offer to your customers based on what you know about the behavior of the selected segment.

Positioning: Incorporate the native language of the consumer in the product.
How does the launch of Maren affect the business of Microsoft in the Arab world?
Expressing your intense feelings of joy or sorrow is better served with your native tongue."
-Mostafa Ashour
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