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james bond

No description

richard longeuay

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of james bond

James Bond james Bond 2
''from russia with
love'' James Bond 1
''Dr.No'' James Bond 3
''goldfinger'' James Bond 4
''thunderball'' James Bond 5
''you only live once'' James Bond 6
''on her majesty's
secret service''
James Bond 7
''diamonds are
forever'' James Bond 8
''live and let die'' James Bond 9
''the man with
the golden gun
James Bond 10
''the spy who
loved me'' James Bond 11
''moonraker'' James Bond 12
''for your eyes only'' James Bond 13
''octopussy'' James Bond 14
''a view to a kill'' James Bond 15
''the living daylights'' James Bond 16
''License to kill'' James Bond 17
''GoldenEye'' James Bond 18
never dies'' James Bond 19
''The world is not
enough'' James Bond 20
''Die another day'' James Bond 21
''Casino Royale'' James Bond 22
''Quantum of Solace'' Sean Connery was the first actor
of the James Bond's series,he acted
in these movies Dr.No,From Russia
love,Goldfinger,Thunderball ,You
only live twice and diamonds are forever George Lazenby only acted in 1
James Bond movie and it was on
her majesty's secret service. Roger Moore was an actor that
played James Bond the most in
the series he played the movies
live and let die,the man with the
golden gun,the spy who loved me,
moonraker,for your eyes only,
octopussy and a view to a kill. Timothy Dalton was the next
James Bond actor he only played
in two movies and they were the
living daylights and licence to kill Pierce Brosnan was the next James
Bond actor he acted in 4 movies he
played in goldeneye,tomorrow never
dies,the world is not enough and die
another day. Daniel Craig is the latest actor
in the James Bond series he only
played in 2 movies so far and they
were casino royale and quantum of
solace. If you don't know what James
Bond is then i will tell you, James
Bond is a very popular series it is
basicly a man named James Bond
and he is an agent and his agent
name is 007. In every movie Bond
has a girl with him because all of
the girls are madly in love with
him and in every movie he has a new
foe. Since he is an agent he has a ton
of cool gadgets like his lazer watch and
much more. So basicly he uses his guns
fists and gadgets to kill his foes so at the
end of the day he saves a girl or a friend. As some of you may have heard
there is going to be a new James
Bond which will be the 23rd. The
movie was put on hold due to MGM
studios. They are not sure if Daniel
Craig (star of James Bond 21 and 22)
is going be the actor and if he isn't
then Avatar's Sam Worthington is. Personaly I think that James Bond
will be around for a very long time.
My favourite actor of the James Bond
series was Sean Connery. Lots of
people were very suprised when Sean
Connery quit and George Lazenby
became the new actor of James Bond.
Althought my favourite actor was Sean
Connery my favourite movie was casino
royale. So now that you know more about
James Bond you can tell people all about
who he is and what your favourite movie was.
The names Longeuay,
Richard Longeuay
(and I like my martini shaken
not stired)
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