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The Hero's Journey: Mulan

No description

Katie O'Malley

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Mulan

The Hero's Journey: Mulan Katie O'Malley Unusual Birth Fa Mulan does not really have an unusual birth, but she is born into a Chinese family that she must bring honor to. All her life she has strived to please her family and as she comes of age, it becomes more and more important that she gives her family a good name. Call To Adventure When the Huns invade China, one man from every family is called to fight in the army. Mulan's father, being the only man in the family, must fight although he is old and can not walk without a cane. Mulan, knowing her father will not survive the war, sneaks away in the middle of the night dressed in her father's armor so that he will not have to fight. Supernatural Helper Mulan has two helpers; a "lucky" cricket given to her by her grandmother before she went to see the matchmaker, and a tiny dragon named Mushu. Although both of these characters would like to believe it, neither of them have mystical powers but could still be considered helpers because they follow Mulan throughout the journey and serve as her mentors. Talisman/Special Weapon Mulan's protective weapon could be her father's armor and sword that she took when she snuck away from her home. When in battle, Mulan uses her father's sword to defeat Attila the Hun and it ends up saving her life. Crossing the Threshold Mulan crosses the threshold when she leaves her home for war to take her handicapped father's place. She leaves behind a place she feels like an outcast in for a place in which she knew she'd be able to make a difference, not only by saving her father but by serving her country. In leaving her home, she also realizes how disgusting grown men can be when women aren't around. Trials Mulan faces many trials throughout the book. The main one would be hiding the fact that she is a woman. Others would be when she has to climb a huge pole using two large medallions to retrieve an arrow. A third would be defeating the Huns with the rest of the army. Lastly, another challenge she faces is controlling her emotions for General Sheng, whom she accidentally falls in love with. Achievement of Goal Mulan achieves her goal when she is declared a hero by the emperor and returns home to present her father with his own sword, which she used in battle. Another one of her goals is also achieved when she is reunited with General Sheng after he comes to her house to speak to her. Reconciliation with Father Figure The night Mulan left home, her father was devastated at the discovery of his armor, his sword and his daughter missing. Mulan always had a close relationship with her father and also brings disgrace to him when she messes up with the matchmaker. Upon her return, he is overjoyed to see her and when General Sheng says he will stay for dinner, she fixes the fact that she would not have been matched up with a husband and brings honor to the family when she is declared a national hero. Return Home When Mulan returns home she does not do it willingly, she does it because it was discovered she was a woman after she was injured in battle. When she does return though, she is greeted warmly as a national hero and is presented with a medal by the emperor. She proves to China that women can be just as powerful and important as men, especially in life-threatening situations.
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