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Cell Analogy: Santa's Workshop

No description

Celeste Esparza

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Cell Analogy: Santa's Workshop

Cell Analogy: santa's workshop
BY: Celeste Esparza
Period 2

Cell Membrane: Security Elf
As the cell membrane regulates what can go in and out of the cell so does the security elf that protects the factory. He only lets working elves in, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus of course.
Cell Wall: Factory Walls
The cell wall in an actual cell maintains shape, so do the factory walls of Santa's workshop.
Cytoplasm: Christmas Spirit
Endoplasmic Reticulum: Conveyer Belt
The endoplasmic reticulum in a cell is where proteins are made and distributed. Like wise, the conveyer belt in the workshop is where gifts are assembled and sent for packaging.
Ribosomes: Elves
Its no question that elves work hard to make all the children's gifts before Christmas Eve; so do the ribosomes in a cell to prepare proteins for the body.
Golgi Bodies: Packaging Room
In a cell, the golgi apparatus acts as the delivery site for proteins. In Santa's Workshop, the packaging room receives the presents, wraps them and puts finishing touches on them before they can go into Santa's sleigh to be delivered to all the good boys and girls.
Mitochondria: Cookies
As mitochondria is to a cell, cookies are to Santa's workshop. The mitochondria supplies energy in the cell just like cookies supply energy for the elves to do their job.
Chromosome: Book of Santa's List
Like chromosomes in a cell holds DNA, so does Santa's holding the list that ells him who has been naughty or nice. Without the book there might not any list to follow.
Even though Christmas is not all year, the Christmas spirit is still very much alive all year long. In Santa's workshop, Christmas spirit surrounds the whole factory, helping the elves and Santa function better; like cytoplasm in a cell helping the different parts function properly.
DNA: Naughty or Nice List
The "Naughty or Nice" list is essential to the function of the factory; without it, the elves will not know who to make the gifts for, or what to make them. DNA has a similar duty in the cell by containing the information for making proteins.
RNA: Copy of List
Santa's making his list, and he's checking it twice! When Santa checks his list a second time, he has another copy of the original list. Similarly, RNA is a copy of DNA, which is the original.
Lysosome: Clean-up Crew
Elves make mistakes, and when they do, that's where the clean-up crew comes in. They are there to pick up any defective or broken toys. Likewise, lysosomes also break down and dispose of any waste.
Vacuole: Gift Boxes
In the cell, the vacuole is used to isolate substances that may be harmful and it is also known as the storage portion of the cell. In the workshop, gift boxes are used to store all the gifts properly; they are also used to easily isolate a defective toy that can disrupt the jobs of the elves.
Nuclear Membrane:
Santa's Office
The nuclear membrane has the job of regulating what can go in and out of the nucleus. It makes sure that nothing harmful is able to reach the nucleus. The job of Santa's office is to protect him while he is working.
Nucleus: Santa Claus
In the cell, the nucleus may have the most important job; it has to conduct the entire cell and make sure it is functioning properly and efficiently. In the North pole, Santa has the most crucial job. He oversees the production of the gifts and makes sure that everything will be ready by Christmas Eve.
Nucleolus: Santa's Brain
The nucleolus has the job of making ribosomes, which leads to the process of making proteins. Likewise, Santa's brain decides the jobs of all the individual elves (ribosomes).
Proteins: GIFTS!!
Gifts are the final product that the elves make and are ready in time to be delivered to all the children by Christmas day. Gifts are what makes everyone happy. Proteins are the final product of the cell and they are what makes our body happy.
Chloroplast: Mrs. Claus
In a plant cell, chloroplast is used to conduct photsynthesis and help provide energy to the cell. Likewise, Mrs. Claus helps with the wellbeing of the factory for both Santa and the elves.
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