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Public transport I

No description

Elie Bouscatié

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Public transport I

Subway Métro метро 地铁 1830 steam locomotive 1863 1666 2012 Inauguration of the first subway
in the world Metropolitana 1898 Invention of public bus Blaise Pascal Start of parisian's subway construction 1825 1830 1881 1902 1964 2007 the first steam railway 1940 the first intercity railway the first tramway the first completely electrified railway the railway of diesel locomotive high-speed rail TGV speed record 574.8km/h the developpement of railway transport TAXI The first taxicab In both Paris and London in early 17th century The first Gasoline-powered taxicabs Darracq, french-built
Until 1907, 65% of taxicabs are darracq Horse-drawn for-hire 1910-1930s Ford 1940s Skyview Taximeter Two-way radios 1950-1960s checker 1970s Dodge coronet 1980s Chevrolet caprice Peugeot 505 Ford crown victoria Computer Assisted Dispatching 2000s Chevrolet Uplander Ford Escape Toyota prius Hybrid The taxi of tomorrow the map de rail lines 2008 http://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/WorldStats/WDI-transport-rail-lines.html FERRIES a rail through oceans & seas Why? Earth's Surface Area Covered by Ocean 65.7% Ocean Route expansion 2nd BC 3rd BC 4th BC 12th Century 14th Century 1740 1774 1807 1808 1886 19th Century 1903 1920s 1977 2000s Tow boats and double hulled boats Double paddle with connecting rod single paddle wind energy for proplusion Wodden logs or planks / animal skin Ox driven First paddle streamer
France Commercial Paddle Streamer
and Steam Boat Sea going trip powered by petrol Biggest revoution in Marine Sector Screw Propulsion and Sail rigging Largest paddle streamer: Great Eastern Diesel power electric transmission Steam Turbine Electric Transmission GTS Finnjet Combined gas and Steam turbine config MILLENNIUM Combined diesel and Gas Turbine config RMS Queen Mary 2 15 years Carriage 1666 Omnibus network Coming back rising fares
restrictions to high society members Horse drawn 1820 1914 1830 1932 Steam powered Steam powered Horse drawn Electric Bus Trolley Bus Trolley Bus Gapbus Full battery
& Hybrid Bus Gyrobus Fuel cell Bus lack of performance
expansive Engine powered Engine powered 1895 Electric Electric Steam Bus 1940's Already a double-decker bus Beginning of co-working with
the city or the country 1892 11 to 14 m 18 m 25 m Bus Public Transports Already a double-decker bus Railway Transports Already a double-decker bus Network types higher speed
fewer stops comfortable cheaper on time faster international VS intercity travel steam means of motive power electricity diesel Electromagnetic standard gauge: 1,435 mm 6.4 km/h 80km/h Shinkansen
300km/h First subway line in New-York Inauguration of the first asian subway 1904 1927 Subway is the most used public transport Technical aspects Rail technologies On pneumatics On two rails On a mono-rail Glasgow Kiev Porto Cairo Graph theory First networks Fen Du
Lambert Ascher
Swaroop Subramanian
Elie Bouscatié
Nan Zhao APPS in smartphone
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