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Solvents, factors and electrophilic addition

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 27 July 2017

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Transcript of Solvents, factors and electrophilic addition

HL To know the issues of solvent and factors in nucleophilic substitution
HLTo know the process of electrophilic addition
Starting with methane, how would you have ethylamine?
Solvent and SN1 - SN2
Polar = Water SN1
Non - polar = ethoxyethane SN2

Solvents, factors and electrophilic addition
27th July this year
Factors affecting rate
1. Nucleophile - Anions better than neutral
2. Halogen - Lower down the group, weaker C-X bond
3. 3ay > 2ay > 1ay.
4. SN1 faster than SN2 because SN2 has a high activation energy intermediate
Electrophilic addition
Watch Mr Harvey
what is SN1 and SN2?
Watch Mr Harvey
Curly arrows revised
Markovnikov's rule
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