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Yulia Kuntsevych

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of CEO

CEO What are the main determinants of CEO compensation? compensation John H Hammergren Ralph Lauren Michael D Fascitelli CEO Compensation Base pay Stock grants Stock options Other benefits Bonuses taken from www.forbes.com DATA Data statistics 1. Ang, J. S., & Nagel, G. (presented 2010, April). Outside and Inside Hired CEO: A performance comparison. Paper presented at Eastern Finance Association meeting, EFA, Miami. (Regional)
2. Deckop, J. R. (1988). Determinants of chief executive officer compensation, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 41, pp. 215-226.
3. Park J. (2010). Are Wall Street CEO Compensations a Complete Nonsense? A Comparison Study with Nonfinancial Industry, The Michigan Journal of Business, 3(1), 79-100.
4. Yanadori, Y. and Milkovich, G. "Origin of CEO and compensation strategy: Differences between insiders and outsiders." CAHRS Working Paper Series #02-03, Cornell University, 2002. Bibliography James S. Ang & Gregory L. Nagel "Outside and Inside Hired CEOs: A Real Asset Performance Comparison" Deckop, J. R. "Determinants of CEO compensation" Yanadori, Y., & Milkovich, G. T. "Origin of CEO and Compensation Strategy: Differences between Insiders and Outsiders" Literature Review Methodology taken from forbes.com by Kuntsevych Yulia Park J. "Are Wall Street CEO Compensations a Complete Nonsense?
A Comparison Study with Nonfinancial Industry" Is it better for the CEO to be an insider or an outsider in terms of his compensation? Limitations Future Research Research Questions Expected Results outsider insider What are the main determinants of a high CEO compensation?
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