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Animal farm/Russian rebellion

No description


on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of Animal farm/Russian rebellion

Animal farm
Russian Revolution
Stalin was the brutal dictator of the soviet union from 1923-1953. He expelled his main political rival Leon Trotsky, then killed 20 million Russians or anyone who was in his territory that supported Trotsky or opposed him. He renamed the city of St. petersburg to Stalingrad.
Napoleon took power by expelling snowball with secret police just like Stalin did to Trotsky. He also killed any animals that opposed him and was harsh to most of the animals. Even tho he did nothing with the windmill he renamed it after himself when the animals were done building it.
Old Major
Karl Marx
Karl marx was born in Trier Prussia 1818. He cam up with the idea of socialism and Marxism, later renamed communism, and he wrote the communist manifesto. The manifesto was a book that inspred and told people that communism was a good thing.
Old major was a pig on animal farm. He ha a dream that one day only equal animals would walk on English soil. He called the animals together and spoke about his dream and the animalism that he had made. He wanted the animals to rebel against humans and claim the farm as theirs
The idea or belief that all animals are equal
The idea or belief that all humans are equal. Everyone works, everyone gets a fair share in the glory
2 legs = enemy
4 legs, wings = friend
no animal shall

Sleep in a bed
wear cloths
drink alcohol
kill another animal
all animals are equal
Same principles, but one is for animals and the other is for humans
Russian Work Force
The Russians worked for years with only the same pay as they got under the Tsar, but they thought they were doing better. The workers were expendable and taken advantage of and ALWAYS did what they were told.
Boxer worked just as hard as he normal did under Jones but thought he was doing better, and he lost his life because of it. He was expended and easy to manipulate.
Old Pop. or Russia
Leon Trotsky
Mr Jones
Tsar Nick II
The windmill
Stalingrad/Battle of Stalingrad
Mr Frederick
Mr Frederick was allies with Mr Jones and helped him with a lot of things. Once the animals took over he became there enemy and tryed to take over the farm.
The U.S.A was an Allie of Russia when Tsar Nick II was in power but once the Soviets took over the U.S.A became there swarn enemy and tryed at all times to stop their growth.
The animals spent day and night building the windmill. They were starving and under horrible conditions. The windmill was going to help then in their everyday lives. Once it was done Napoleon named it after himself. During the battle of the windmill the animals sufferd heavy losses and the windmill was destroyed, but they did win the battle.
St. PetersBurg was once the capital of Russia. Once the soviets took over they moved the capital to Moscow. Once Stalin became dictator of the soviet union he changed St. Petersburg to Stalingrad. The Battle of Stalingrad was the turning point for the soviets in WW2. They successfully defeated the nazis but the city was destroyed in the battle.
Moses tells the animals about the place called sugar candy mountain. At first the pigs hated him staying at the farm, but after a while allowed him to stay and talk to the animals and give then hope for a better life.
Many religions have an after life, and it gives people hope for a better future. Most country have one main religion but allow many. America is Christian, the middle east and north Africa is muslim and isreal is judaism.
Mr Jones is a drunken farmer who never treats his animals with respect. He made the animals work ladours hours. The animals were living under the bare minimum with him.
Tsar nick the II lead russia in the first world war, He was a poor leader and made the pesands and serfs fight in the war. Under his rule the people begain to starve and Russia was running out of food.
Squealer was the head of animal farm propaganda. He convinced the animals that everything napoleon was doing was good and for the better. He convinced everyone multiple times throughout the navel the napoleon was always right.
Agitprop is the type of propaganda used by totalitarian dictators AKA Stalin used to turn the citizens to his side. Stalin used agitprop all of his dictatorship. This type of propaganda made it same like your country w the best in the world.
Napoleon took the dogs when they were first born and trained them as his own police. They were loyal to napoleon only and did everything he said. This made him Extremely powerful.
The KGB were stains secret police during his dictatorship. They executed the great purge and killed 20,000,000 Russians in secret, and tied up any other lose ends, (like assassinating Leon Trotsky)
All Benjamin did was complain about how things are and how thing were. He is a cynical donkey that doesn't do much work, he doesn't care about anyone but boxer and is never happy.
The older people of Russia were unable to work but nothing was done about it, they were still feed and keep around, and all they cared about was their younger family that could still work.
Snowball was one of the pigs that took over after Old major passed. He lead the animal farm bravely in the battle of the cowshed. His rival was napoleon and they argued about how to run the farm and how to treat the animals. He stayed at the farm until exiled by Napoleons dogs.

Leon Trotsky helped lead the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil war. He was Lenin right hand man, and his main rival was Stalin. Trotsky and Stalin had many disagreements, but Trotsky was better at politics. He stayed in Russia until exiled by Stalin's KGB and was later assassinated by them
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