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Team Building Exercises

No description

kathryn Kasman

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of Team Building Exercises

One Place we found during our research was this Corporate 7 day team bonding camp. This place is an escape from the hectic work day.
They offer many fun activities that get the team to work together but also for them to enjoy it. Some of these activities include; Climbing Wall, Team Building, Team Challenge, Team Tasks, Zipline, Segway, Low Ropes, Orienteering, Hillwalking,

Corporate Team Building
"Corporate Team Bonding Wicklow DublinTeam bonding weekends boost morale….. A positive work environment can do wonders in the work place"
Forest Lodge
Team Building Games
Pros & Cons
Emergent Leaders can rise within the group.
Secondary tension may be relieved.
Group norms will be relieved.
Group communication strengthens.
Will help diffuse individual differences and problems.
Power of competition can cause tension.
Hidden agendas can come to show.
Poor leadership can destroy progress.
Can backfire and create more drama within team.
Many companies today have strayed away from the old way of a competitive environment to a collaborative one. Team building is the new way of doing things. Many companies have focused on communication and teamwork skills as an important part of their company. It could be a 10-minute game in the office or a weekend long retreat, team-building games are great tools for companies big and small.
Forest Lodge is another corporate getaway. This location offers more options where the whole team is involved every time. This location offers fun and exciting events in which the teams have to work together to succeed. The events offered here require different communication styles. Some require you to a pressure of time feel like the TV game show and the team casino challenge. This is great to help the team learn to work together in a rush and help them be able to make quick decisions. The team spirit games bring out more of the fun in competing and coming together to succeed at a task. These are great games to help the team see who steps up to lead them and helps them identify the strong characteristics in each member.
This location is different from the rest. It offers packages of weekend getaways. The postivie about this location is they are flexible with budgets os they give even the small companies a chance to enjoy a trip. This location offers a weekend ski adventure or rock climbing and Biking. This location is all about the outdoors and working on giving the right environment for teams to bond. They dont have the activities that will bring teams together like the other locations. They let the members work together on their own through bike rides and rock climbing. This location is a positive place for the teams to learn to work together in a more peaceful environment. They dont have pressures here on them like at work of some of the other locations activities. These activities will help the group conformity or in some cases nonconformity.
Improving Communication
Presented by:

Kathryn Kasman
Nicolas Muia
Aaron Lebron
Irma Enriquez
Team Building Exercises
Weekend Retreats
These activities give an opportunity for the team to work on communication and solving issues in healthier ways. They force the team to use communication to work through some of the tasks. This gives the people a better sense of how each other work when put into different situations and in ways can force them to see the certain communication styles they use that don't work. It will show peoples weaknesses and strengths.
1. Improves communication
2. Boosts morale
3. Help get to know each other better
4. Learning effective strategies
5. Improves productivity
6. Higher efficiency
7. Decrease stress
8. Builds unity
Game Types
1. Time out of work
2. Cost
3. Some people are uncooperative

There are many team-building games specified for different task. These task include…

1. Communication activities
2. Problem solving
3. Decision making activities
4. Adaptability
5. Planning activities
6. Trust building

1. Two truths and a lie
2. Office scavenger hunt
3. Salt and pepper
4. Trivia
5. Human knot
6. Beach ball toss

Team Communication Seminars
Communication seminars are vital for the structure, training and function of the group. In this environment, corporate solutions and assessments are dealt with in both virtual and physical classrooms.
Dale Carnegie Training partners with a variety of organizations and effectively instructs in:

1. Team member engagement
2. Leadership development
3. Presentation effectiveness
4. Process improvement.
Team Communication Seminars
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Brainstorming your team to happiness: ways to solve problems by integrating happiness.
When a problem strikes within a group atmosphere, brainstorming is required in order to solve the problem effectively. Some may think brainstorming is required only at the start of a group, but brainstorming should take place throughout the group’s processes. Brainstorming isn’t a traditional type of ice breaker, but it engages the brain in two different ways.

1. By brainstorming you engage your team verbally requesting a free flow of ideas without filters.

2. Ideas can be viewed by all, thus generating more ideas and connecting these ideas to previous ideas helps with the brainstorming process. Although it’s not introducing you to another person, or passing a ball around, brainstorming enhances group communication, which in turn helps with the productivity of group processes.
Group Icebreakers
Fluent group communication is essential for any successful group. It’s necessary to develop good ideas, share those ideas, and gain feedback from them within your group. For this communication to exist, members of the group must feel comfortable with each other. Group icebreakers are designed to overcome several different communicative struggles that are common within groups. For example, organizing games that require members of each team to practice active listening will enhance how effective the feedback stage will be in the group. Also, using icebreakers to hone in on the inability to communicate clearly. Without breaking the ice with this common problem, members will not be able to share their ideas in a coherent fashion. Regardless, if the leader of the group isn’t paying close attention to the ice breaker games, the results will mean nothing. These games are designed to improve upon group communication, so taking notes or observing will allow the leader to locate the communicative problem.
Business Icebreakers
Understanding that real businesses utilize icebreakers is crucial in understanding the purpose of icebreakers in terms of establishing effective group communication. Businesses like Sony and Disney incorporate group building games to orchestrate a strong group environment. Large companies such as Sony and Disney have given a new meaning to the term ice breakers, by literally grouping members together and sculpting ice. Each member has a responsibility, and effective communication is the only way to sculpt the ice efficiently. The whole point of this exercise is to grow the group environment, and strengthen future group processes.
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