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A new frontier

No description

Hannah Nicolaisen

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of A new frontier

How could the migration of people effect Chandlerberg? A New Frontier Created by
Hannah Nicole Nicolaisen,
Matthew Aaron Seidel,
and Ryan James Chandler Why would people want to come to Chandlerberg? Push factors:
-There was not much religious freedom in Europe
-Bad government Pull Factors:
-Chance to own land
-More freedom
-To start their own business How did the people change to fit their environment? People modify there clothes based on the weather at where they live. What people eat is also based on the food available in their environment. A new colony was difficult to start, though. The trip across the Atlantic was incredibly harsh. There was not much living space on the ships that were not used so everybody was very cramped. Also food and water were very limited. Many people died just making the trip to the new land. Even when they arrived at Chandlerberg, the winters were harsh and disease spread quickly. The soil was hard and rocky and farming anything seemed almost impossible. Still, they decided to keep trying and not return to Germany. Sites used:


-http://www.encyberpedia.com/glossary.htm When people came to America
they had plans, but the land wasn't
always right for what they wanted
to do. People had to modify to their environment
to fit their needs. They cleared the land of trees and brought
seeds of plants that weren't native to Chandlerberg. They also built towns out of the wood from the trees and other supplies they had brought with them. When people move to a new area it also affects the environment in many ways. When people move to a new area the natural
resources get used to help the people in their
everyday lives. This forces some of the natural
animals to move to other places. When a lot of people leave an area they leave
businesses with less customers and they could
close down. They could When lots of people move from a location around the same time period the businesses will lose money and eventually move or go out of business. Then the properties in that area will decrease in value, compelling more people to want to move out before their houses go down in value too much, and then being replaced by lower income families. On the other hand, when a large amount of people move into a certain area, it can be a very good thing for the community. For example, when people migrate to an area they boost the housing market by buying houses and they help the educational system by paying taxes. Also, they can provide much needed services and start new businesses that create more job opportunities. How did the colonists organize themselves? Before the colonists landed at Chandlerberg, they established the Liechtensteiner compact which became the first official governing document of Chandlerberg. How did geography affect the lives of the early colonists in Chandlerberg? Geography affected the colonists in many ways. It dictated the productivity of soil, the wildlife, the weather and the natural resources available to the colonists. It also, in many cases, controlled how far west the colonists could colonize the land for a very long time. For example, the Appalachian mountains blocked settlers from moving to far west without being completely cut off from the coastal colonies. ChandlerBerg
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