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The Life of Sir Tristan

No description

Cristian Villagran

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Life of Sir Tristan

The Life of Sir Tristan
Birth and death date unknown
A knight of the round table
He was born In Lyonesse
Son Of Isabelle(also known as Blanchefleuer, princess of Cornwall) and Meliodas(also known as Rivalin, king of Lyoness)
Nephew of King Mark of Cornwall
When he was born, his father wasn't there to see his arrival and his mother was in grief, therefore she named him Tristan which means "sorrow"
His father was enchanted by Merlin but later returned to is wife but she was already dead
7 years later he married again but Tristan disapproved of this marriage.
His stepmother disliked and attempted to kill him by poising him.
Instead her own son died and she was elected to die but was saved.
A picture of Cornwall
A picture of the knight's at the round table
Knighthood Event
His father sent him to France because he wanted him to be safe from his stepmother.
7 years later he returned to his homeland.
He lived in Lyonesse for two years after his return.
He had to fight King Anguish's pupil, Sir Marhaus because his uncle was in need of money.
His uncle owed Anguish money but woudn't pay so Anguish send Marhaus to punish him.
King Mark agreed to send Tristan and so Tristan and Marhaus fought.
Tristan eventually won therefore he was knighted
He was an orphan and was trained and cared by Roald de Foytenant. Roald was one of his father's servant. His uncle also trained him at was impresses with his work ethics and Tristan became a knight.
A picture of a Knight
Major Knight Events
Tristan was stabbed from a sword rubbed with poison.
He went to Ireland for several months to heal his wound.
He won Iseult for his uncle, King Mark.
Tristan defeated a person who loved Iseult named Palamides.
Tristan and Iseult =
One Version
History before Knighthhod
A picture of King Mark
Love Story
His affair with Iseult started when she treated his wounds.
They instantly fell in loved.
Their relationship didn't last long because Isolde's mother found out Tristan had killer her brother.
He was immediately forced to leave Ireland and his lover.
Later he participated in an event to to marry Iseult.
He won but instead the marriage was for his uncle, King Mark.
Accidently, Tristan and Iseult dranked a love potion that made them love eachother eternally.
Isuelt and Tristan drinking the love potion
Tristan in the movies King Arthur and Tristan & Isolde
Both are fierce
Both are courageous
Both died heroically
Both are knights
Both are trained as knights as a child
A knight who serves King Arthur
He is Sarmation
Killed by Cerdic
Lived in 4th century
Wants freedom
Lived in 5th century
Serves King Mark
Lost both of his parents
Lover of Iseult
Killed by Wictred
He married Iseult of the White Hands because she shared his beloved's name
He never consummates the marriage because of his love for Iseult
The marriage of Tristan and Iseult of the White Hands
Other Names
The most common are Tristan and Tristram
One version is Tristan's uncle King Mark stabbed him in the back.
The second version is Tristan was sick and sent Ganhardine, his wife's brother, to bring Iseult so he could see her one last time.
If she were to return, the ship should raise a white flag; if she refused to return, then a black flag would be shown
Seing a white flag, Tristan's wife lied to Tristan and said that she saw a black flag
Tristan's died of grief before Iseult showed up.
Grail Story
Tristan is one of three knights to go on the quest for the Holy Grail. The other were Lancelot and Galahad.
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