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presentasi seminar audit

A different Methodology to sell a SaaS solution in the enterprise based on lowering CAC


on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of presentasi seminar audit

b) Liabilities to Third party c) Liabilities under securities laws a) Liabilities to Client Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Audit Accounting
Fraud Characteristic Kelompok 3 Dean L. Buntrock, founder, Chairman, and CEO
as the driving force behind the fraud Understanding the Problem Seminar Fraud perpetrators of fraud
can be broadly classified into
two types: Phillip B.Rooney (COO) & James Koenig (CFO) ? How Fraud
Definition Help me! a. Management for the enterprise b. Employees for the benefit of individuals Responsibility for the opinions given Responsibility to the profession. Responsibility to the client Responsibility to disclose fraud. Responsibility for third party Responsibility to any third party for fraud were not found d) Crime Liabilities Background Fraud Revealed SEC
Findings Epilogue Required a massive financial fraud lasting
more than five years Relation between Waste Management
and Independent auditor
of Arthur Andersen Agnes Frederika Arum Pratiwi P Aprilia J. Susanto Dwi Sartika Oktavia Essi Liannery Normanita Amelia Tanti Lisa Accounting Fraud
Auditor Legal Liabilities 2. By parties outside
the company A. Customer B. Partner Bisnis c. foreign parties that may cause harm to the company Auditor Law Liabilities Auditor Legal Liabilities 1) identify factors present
at WM that are indicative of each
of the three fraud conditions:
incentives, opportunities, and attitudes 2) Reviewing and analyzing the
balance of WM Inc. December 31, 1996
and why estimates were required
for each of the accounts identified. 3) Describe why account involving
significant management estimation
are generally viewed as inherently risky. 4) Review Auditing Standards (AU) section 342,
Auditing Accounting Estimates, and describe
the auditor's responsibilities for examining
management-generated estimates 5) Describe techniques Andersen auditors
could have used to assess the reasonableness
of those estimates used to create WM financial statements 2. opportunities 1. incentives 3. attitudes 2. Employee Receivables 1. Short-term Investments 3. Costs + Estimated Earnings in Excess of Billings 4. Property & Equipment 5. Intangible Assets – Goodwill, Net 6. Accrued Expenses 7. Unearned Revenues 8. Deferrals Auditing Standards (AU) section 342, Auditing Accounting Estimates: auditor should use one or a
combination of approaches
AU Section 342 All accounting estimates could have a material effect on the financial statements that have been made. Accounting estimates in reasonable condition. Accounting estimates are presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and properly disclosed. a) Review and test the process used by management in estimating b) Establish an independent estimate of hope to justify the reasonableness of the estimates made by the management c) Reviewing subsequent events or transactions that occurred up through the date of the audit report. 6) what are the risks assocaited with allowing
former auditors to work for a client in key
accounting position? and provide a brief summary of the restrictions related to the ability of a public company to hire accounting personnel who were formerly employed by the company's audit firm. 7) Discuss possible reasons why the andersen partners allegedly allowed WM executives to avoid recording the identified accounting errors. how could accounting firms ensure that auditors do not succumb to similar pressures on other audit engangements. 1. many former Andersen professionals Andersen allegedly allowed Waste Management
to avoid accounting errors identified, because: 1. Professional Judgment How do KAP to ensure that the auditor
did not succumb to the same
pressure on other audit engagements are: 2. Fee Auditors 2. committed to putting the public interest 3. Effective Audit Committee Thanks You the data source Techniques used to assess
the fairness auditor
of financial statements: the useful life of the company's assets conducted an analysis of the new property and equipment disposal assessment experts or specialists Marina Veronica Fhera Susanti 1. By the company Penalty stock prices fall dramatically Restatement of financial statement 1992-1997 Correction of accounting estimate and usefull life
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