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Bridging the "Gap"

Homelessness in the Holland Community

Alexandra Day

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of Bridging the "Gap"

ASI Student Consulting
Alexandra Day
Andrea DeVries
Katelyn Barry
Araksya Mikaelyan

Project Mentors
Dr. James Boelkins
Janet Ewing
Darryl Bartlett Assessment:
What is the "Gap" Population? A member of the "gap" population is classified as too high
functioning to qualify for government benefits or social
service organizations that serve the mentally disabled, but
too low functioning to live and operate independently. Unique Characteristics:
Diagnosable cognitive impairments.
The inability to properly manage finances.
Some have no income, nor the possibility of ever obtaining an income.
Do not qualify for SSI/SSD benefits from the government. What's the problem? Chronic Homelessness Limited life skills No family or support structure Stuck in a "gap" of No programs to meet specific needs Studies have shown:
One member of the "Gap" Population can cost the community about $45,000 a year.
"Gap" clients in the chronically homeless category utilize about 50% of available resources for homeless assistance (Project 25, San Diego). The Solution: Permanent Supportive Housing Client Benefits:
Physical, mental, and emotional health.
Life skills.
GOAL: To utilize a church based strategy to develop a model solution which creates a permanent home for members of the “gap” homeless population within a supportive network of a Christian community. Implementation

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Colossians 3:12
Bridging the "Gap"
Designing a Model Solution for
Homelessness in the Holland
Community Community Benefits:
Cost Reduction.
Community ownership of issue.
Cycle of assistance between client and community.
Spiritual Growth Case Manager/
Program Director Housing Church
Director Client
Support Volunteers Preventative
Health Care Practical/
Life Skills Volunteer
Commitments Client
Commitments Volunteers Live in
Director Church
Team Spiritual
Mentorship Program Model Holland Rescue Mission
ATLAS How can we make this dream a reality? Church Support Opportunities
Client Assistance
Housing Services
Time and Expertise
Spiritual Mentorship
Financial Support

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