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the gentile Family

No description

Alyssa Sloss

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of the gentile Family

Blended and Nuclear Family
My family is a blended family and a nuclear family because my brother and I are both children from my mom's previous marriage. My mom is now re-married, and her and my step-dad, Jimmy, now have two biological daughters. These daughters are what make them a nuclear family. Callie and Kimber are my half sisters.
Family life cycle
Child-bearing Stage- Kimber(one or 18 months)
Child-rearing Stage- Tristan(Junior), Alyssa(8th), and Callie(Kindergarten)
Short Term:
to try and minimize the sibling
fights and
The Gentile Family
Alyssa Sloss Hour 3
-sibling rivalry
-teen-parent fights
-household tasks
- scheduling
-two role models
-many mediators
-free babysitters
Tristan: good with technology , mediator between Alyssa and Callie
Kimber :also humorous mainly due to just starting to talk
Alyssa: main babysitter for Kimber,
mediator between Callie and
Callie: plays with Kimber,
very funny
Mom(Megan): mediator between
everyone, coordinator
Step-dad(Jimmy): jokester, keeps everyone
stricter and better at discipline
Character Traits and Roles
Long Term:
to graduate college to earn a steady job and have two good incomes before having children
"This house is built on faith and family."
Something my grandma says is, "Not your circus, not your monkeys." This basically means that if something has nothing to do with you, don't be upset or stress over it. It sounds silly but it means to mind your business and be happy without other people's drama.
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