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Leonid Afremov

No description

Cherry Lau

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Leonid Afremov

Afremov's Gallery
Leonid Afremov, FIDDLER FROM THE SKY, 2009, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas, 60cm X 75cm
Leonid Afremov, PARIS OF MY DREAMS, 2014, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas, 75cm x 100cm
Leonid Afremov, FLORIDA-LAKE OKEECHOBEE , 2014, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas, 60cm x 90cm
Leonid Afremov, ALLEY BY THE LAKE, 2009, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas, 60cm X 75cm
- Line
- Space
- Foreshortening
- Color and texture
Art work analysis -
Paris Of My Dreams
Art Work Analysis
Florida-Lake Okeechobee


Artwork Analysis-
Alley by the lake

Leonid Afremov
Introduction of artist

Born on 12 July 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus & he is still alive

A modern impressionistic artist

Paints with palette knife with oil on canvas

Reflect his own personal emotion & mind
- " every painting is full of his inner world"
- his feelings, sensitivity, passion, music
- art helps us to be free from aggression & depression

Personal inspiration:
Jazz music
Traveling experience
afremov (2014)
Tung Wah College

GEN1102 Interpreting Art

Group 4D:

Chan Hoi 13002464
Chan Yunn Yu 13002588
Lau Cheuk Wai 13000254
Ng Wing Yee 13001840
Tang Hoi Lam 13003162
Tang Wing Yin 13002630

Creative Preference
- Vibrant cityscapes depicting rain-soaked streets
- Quiet autumn parks
- Lover couples strolling down lantern-lit alleys

Captivating & thought-provoking landscapes
Imaginative flower sets & still lives
Impressionist-style celebrity portraits & inspiration from music
Leonid Afremov,
Forest stream, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas, 75cm X 90cm
Leonid Afremov,
Michael Jackson, Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas,
100cm X 75cm
Leonid Afremov,
CITY BY THE LAKE, 2010, Palette Knife Oil Painting On Canvas, 74cm X 100cm
Leonid Afremov,
Flowers of Jerusalem,
Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas,
60cm X 75cm
Leonid Afremov,
The taste of love, Palette knife Oil Painting on Canvas,
75cm X60cm
Leonid Afremov,
SUNNY PATH, PALETTE KNIFE Oil Painting On Canvas , 90cm X 60cm
Curves and straight lines:
Shape of Eiffel Tower
Shadow of the tower
Streetlights, trees and ground

Repeated line:
3D shape of Eiffel Tower

Lines and colors:
Water movement of the tower


The glowing Tower:

Surrounding by the colourful mark of the brush
on the background sky

Symmetrical balance:
Eiffel Tower
The ground

Symmetrical like fold out

Focal point:
Eiffel Tower in the middle

Significant represent :


One-point perspective:
From near to far
Towards to the tower directly


Sky- night:
Primary colors (red, blue and yellow)
Tertiary colors (blue violet and red orange)

Sides of sky:
Dark and dull colors (black, dark red)

Middle of the sky:
Light and bright colour (yellow and orange)

Eiffel Tower:
White, yellow
Gradual color change
(dark brown color to yellow)

Rough (upper part)
Smooth (lower part)

Color and Texture
Eiffel Tower:
Most representative building in Paris
Easily recognize this artwork is related to the Paris

The view of the Eiffel Tower:
Realistic except the colourful background

Sky - night:
Colorful, joyful and special

Vertical line
Horizontal line
Diagonal line

Indicate the sense of space and the direction of the couple in the painting
The linear perspective
Bright and warm colour on the left
Dark and cold colour on the right

The colours used in this painting
-> contrast:
dark vs. light
cool vs. warm
gloomy vs. bright
fire vs. ice.

The reflective colour on the pathway suggested the ground is wet.
Triangular or rectangular shapes
->lake, the trees, and the alley.

-> light bulbs

-> an umbrella.

Shape and Forms
At a rainny night, there is a couple walking the alley by the lake after their date.

They are walking together tightly & sharing a umbrella.

The overview of the painting give us a romantic sense.

The whole picture is calming and relaxing.
Leonid Afremov, George Benson, Original Oil Painting On Canvas, 100cm X 75cm
Leonid Afremov, A day of feelings, Original Oil Painting On Canvas ,50cm x 60cm

- Lines
- Shape
- Light and Shade
- Space
- Colour
- Texture

- Movement
- Unity
Art Analysis-
Fidler from the sky

- Emphasis
- Balance
- Line
- Space
- Colour

1. Windows
2. Roof edge
3. Chord

This linear perspective -
converging into the vanishing point.

The huts are from near to far
-> a clear reduction in this detail and size of the shapes (smaller windows at the back)

In this painting ,the vanishing point is exist
but it didn't show.
- Asymmetrical
- The huts evenly distributed

- The man who plays violin

Multiple colours :
violinist, violin ,cloths, huts
& sky
The man is playing the violin on the roof at the evening.

There are several huts appearing behind the man.

The sky: becoming darker
-> a feeling of unhappiness

The man enjoys the music, he did not stop his performances at night.
-> Spreading happiness through music

The overview of the painting
-> happy sense

The whole picture is relaxing.

- Line
- Space
- Colour
- Shape and Form
- Texture
- Emphasis
- Balance
Cultural Influence

become famous in these 14 years

is part of the impressionist art movement

began a movement of soul-inspired works of art

is the best at palette knife painting

his art works have been turned into greeting cards, postcards & poster

his art work exhibited in more than 100 countries all over the world. Several exhibitions in UK and already have many collectors there.
- Ship: floating on the sea
- Water: slight movement
- Grass: blew by the wind
Use varies elements: colour, lines, texture

-> a feeling of harmony
-> a sense of completeness
Horizontal lines
- sea
- grass
The sea creates a sense of space

(circle) sun
(triangle) ship
Light and Shade
lighter colour near the sun
-> represent the lightening by the sun

darker colour in the area that far from the sun
Different colours used in the sky:

Overview: vivid colour
- Colourful sky

The area around the sun
-> Warm colour (orange, red) used in sky & sea
- Calm & harmony

- Sea
- Sky
- Hill
- Grass
This art work shows the sunset in Florida Lake

A peaceful and warm feeling

Overview: A calm environment
Through touch, we can sense the surface quality of an object. This is known as the object's texture.
I would imagine that the surface of "Alley by the Lake" would be rough to the touch, due to Afremov's impasto technique.
Impasto is an art term used to describe thickly textured paint that is almost three-dimensional in appearance.

Le nid Afremov
- Balance
- Emphasis
- Unity
- Movement
- Symmetrical Balance
Left are fill with warm colour
right are fill with cold colour
The couple at the center
Everything blind together and nothing stands on its own.
In essence, everything compliments itself as there is balance, adequate emphasis on the scenario which is likewise in tune with the scale and proportion.
The couple walking toward the vanishing point.
Has affected by some nineteenth century impressionist ( as Marc Chagall, Malevich & Kandinsky )

Mainly landscape, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and portraits

Enjoying the rain

Vivid color

Art politically neutral

X offensive to anyone ; X send any hidden messages

Use palette-knife to put paint on canvas
Painting Style
CRITICAL WRITING AND REVIEW CLASS. (n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2015,
from http://criticalwritingandreviewclass.blogspot.hk/2011/05/art-work-to-be-reviewed.html

Leonid Afremov Bio. (n.d). Retrieved March 20,2015,
from http://afremov.com/Leonid-Afremov-bio.html

Q&A Section
What Elements & Principles have been used in
Paris Of My Dreams

1. Introduction to the artist
2. Painting Style
3. Creative Preferences
4. Cultural Influences
5. 4 Artworks
6. Q &A
7. References
afremov (2014)
Source: www.painting-with-a-palette-knife.com
afremov (2014)
afremov (2014)
afremov (2014)
afremov (2014)
afremov (2014)
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