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No description

Hannah Sushi

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Romania

Rate of Natural Increase
Doubling Time: NPG
Population Impact
Healthcare- Poor health because of environment

Education- Free education up until university

Water Needs- Unsanitary water leads to disease

Housing- Significant increase of houses

Food Production- Expensive (especially meat) and lots of farms

Air Quality- Many pollutants decreased in the air as the governments became aware of the problem

Health Indicators
Fertility rate: 1.4 per birth
Infant mortality rate: 10 per 1000 births

Natural Hazards Faced
Background Information, Fun Facts!

Background Information
-Southeastern Europe
-Size of Oregon
-Capital is Bucharest
-Accepted as a republic in 1991

Fun Facts
-Dracula originated here
-Pork and bread eaten very frequently
-Dinner guests avoid bringing an even number of flowers (often related to funerals)
Works Cited
Demographic Transition Model
Economic Measurements

GDP (PPP) per capita: $14,400

GNI: $18,060
Historical Population Trends
-1965-1989: Nicolae Ceauşescu ruled in a dictatorship
-Population decreased due to people dying of poverty, malnutrition, etc.
-Peak was in early 90s (23,372,101 people)

Past: Earthquakes, drought, heat waves, cholera
Present and Future: Earthquakes and floods

Stage 3
-Decline in death and birth rate
-Slow population growth
-Relatively long life expectancy
Population pyramid
-Shape is not a pyramid
Population Density:
251 per square mile
Total: 21,729,871

Population Policy
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