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Nurse Practitioner

Health Career Research

Reah Chiong

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Nurse Practitioner

Reah Chiong
Period 7 Nurse Practitioner What is a Nurse Practitioner? A registered nurse specially trained to
treat routine/minor ailments
to perform many tasks ordinarily performed by a doctor* Education Rewards: job security Difference to Other Types of Nurses Degree of autonomy granted a.k.a. "APN" or "Physician Extenders" prescribe medications
run medical tests Education: Master's Degree required RN's may advance studies and specialize/wider scope 1) Earn Undergraduate degree in Nursing 2) Become a Registered Nurse 3) Complete Master's degree in Nursing 4)Obtain Advance Practice Nursing License 5) Certify in area of specialization Become a Registered Nurse Complete Master's Degree in Nursing Certify in Area of Specialization Obtain Advance Practice Nursing License Other Requirements: Top Schools: Average Salary: Job Outlook: Duties: Lifestyle: Daily Routine: Challenges: Effects on a Person: Emotionally: Thank you for listening to my PREZIntation. demand for higher salaries good working hours* great feeling of servitude $91, 539 Nursing & Grad Schools: 1. University of Pennsylvania 2. John Hopkins University 3. University of Washington 26% between 2010-2020 Why: tech. advancements increase emphasis on preventive care care for baby boomer population Where: traditional hospital
home healthcare
outpatient care centers highest increase in primary care Obtain Undergraduate Degree in Nursing perform variety of tasks reports to manager of department re-familiarize with the field understanding role conflict with physicians and other staff Work Experience: Physically: Socially: Mentally: physically fit well-understanding of role/job great responsibility impacts family and social life Stressful & Overwhelming schedule like a doctor - on-call hours 1. Associate's Degree in Nursing(2) 2. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing(4) Credits transfer to bachelor degree program Areas studied:
anatomy, pharmacology, community health, pediatrics *necessary for graduate study Take NCLEX-RN *required before pursuing graduate degree or advanced nursing licensure "National Counsil Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse" offer number of specializations ex. nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, etc. hands-on training & supervisory work(2-3) *courses depend on specific field of practice ex. geriatrics, pediatrics, etc. Requirements: Master's of Nursing *American Nurses Credentialing Center or American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Experience Certification Examination pass examination of specialty ex. family care, mental health, gerontology, pediatrics, etc. at least 5 years on-the-job training, internships, volunteer work hospitals, hospices, nursing homes -Withstand stress -Great amount of patience -Build good relationships take health histories provide physical examinations & medical tests* prescribe and manage medications* diagnose & treat many chronic problems interpret lab results & x-rays health teaching & counseling educating preventive care cooperate with team depend upon personal plans and spouse ex. have kids during school
ex2. have family, 2 incomes *what it's like to have a nurse at home - conferences - continuing education/reviewing
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