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Org Chart

No description

on 31 October 2018

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Transcript of Org Chart

Ron Durham
Director, Ventures & Operations Performance Excellence (OPE)
Operations Performance
Excellence (OPE)

Operations Analytics and Digitalization
Pace Markowitz
Director, Ventures
Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement will enable us to optimize our assets and operations by transforming the way we approach our work. Continuous Improvement is guided by four principles:

Respect and develop people
Standards are the basis for improvement
Make performance visible
Be deliberate in how we improve
Change Leadership Excellence
Quality Systems
Quality Systems is responsible for facilitating and leading integrated quality programs and projects to support the production and delivery of consistent quality products.
Standardization in Manufacturing
Consistent with the 1NOVA mindset, this team will focus on process ownership, standardization and improvement for manufacturing work processes.
Nigel Clark
Analytics and Digitalization
Brian Fedor
OPE, Leader

The Venture team supports the Journey to #1 by leading large, organic growth projects and preparing the organization for start-up of new assets.
The teams within OPE enable sustained transformational change and continuous improvement. This Center of Excellence will provide the coaching, tools and resources to navigate transformational change, supporting safe, reliable and competitive operations

Utilization of analytics in Operations and a strategy for digitalization are key components of enabling safe, reliable and competitive operations.
This team will focus on:
Maximizing value generation from transformational change projects
Driving results in incremental change and continuous improvement across NOVA through change leadership consultation and capability-based training
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