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Photo-Essay Art Industrial Revolution Project!

No description

Alexis Lingle

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Photo-Essay Art Industrial Revolution Project!

By: Alexis Lingle
This is what things were like during the Industrial Revolution or 1800's...
2. This was a man that was working in the mines. Many people had to work in the mines to find coal. When the coal industry expanded they had to have a lot more people going to find coal.

Picture and Information: http://library.thinkquest.org/05aug/01419/mine
1. In the beginning of the Industrial Revolution families went from farm areas to the newly Industrialized cities to find work. Mostly the women would work in factories and or they would stay at home and take care of the children and do the house work.

Picture and Information:
3. Children as young as six years old had to work long, hard hours for little or no pay. Children would work up to 19 hours a day, with only a one hour break. There was large and very heavy equipment that the kids had to use. There were a lot of accidents during this time. The children who worked in the factories got treated very cruel.

4. When you worked in the factories it was run for profit. Every machine costs money. When you were working in the factories there were no safety clothes. The workers would where there every day clothes to work.

Picture and Information:
5. The new towns and cities were developing during the Industrial Revolution so many people needed cheap housing, near some of the nearby factories. People were in a rush to build houses so they built them small and in rows. These houses had a small back yard and a toilet that was placed outside.

6. This was only one of the many factories during the Industrial Revolution. The factories are very big, but not very fun to work in. The reason the factories were important during the Industrial Revolution was because it helped produce a lot of goods.

Picture and information:
This is what the industry is like now!
7. While working in the factories a huge amount of people died from Cholera. Every year 3-5 million people were infected with Cholera. Cholera was caused by a bacteria called "vibrio Cholerae". You could get Cholera by drinking water or eating food with Vibrio Cholerae. The reason so many people got Cholera was because the living conditions were so unsanitary.

8. This is a picture of a cotton gin. The cotton gin was invented in 1742, by Eli Whitney. This was only one of the machines they used during the Industrial Revolution. The cotton gin separated the fiber from the seeds a whole lot quicker. The cotton gin could clean up to 50 pounds of cotton each day, so it was very important during the Industrial Revolution.

9. Another great invention during the Industrial Revolution was the steam engine. In the 1760's James Watt made the steam engine which used heat very efficiently and didn't use a lot of fuel. To power the engine you had to use coal. So the steam engine was important during the Industrial Revolution.

Picture and Information:
10. This is a picture of a women that is doing a lot of the work around the house. In the picture the women is cooking. Most of the time the women were the cookers around the house. The women would ware very ragged clothing while working and that was there every day clothes.

Picture and Information:
12. This is what cars are like now. This is a picture of a new Audi. This car is a German car and they have increased in popularity over the last five years. This is a lot different from the industrial revolution because most people didn't have cars, so most of the time they would walk if they needed to go somewhere.

Picture and Information:
13. This is a picture of the new IPhone 5. Back during the industrial revolution people didn't have phones. So the industry has changed a lot since the Industrial Revolution.

Picture and Information:
14. This is what jobs are like today. You have to be an adult to get a job. These guys are putting up a satellite. During the industrial revolution people worked in factories for long and hard hours. These men only work maybe 40 hours a week. The people that worked during the industrial revolution worked from 15 to 20 hours a day.

Picture and Information:
11. This is a picture of a warning sign. The reason I added this picture on here was because during the industrial revolution it was very dangerous to work in the factories. And a lot of people got hurt and even killed.

Picture and Information:
15. This is a picture of what houses look like now. During the industrial revolution the houses were very small and in rows, and they had an out house for their bathroom. In the houses today we have indoor plumbing and a bathroom.

Picture and Information:
16. This is a picture of what some trains look like now. They are a lot faster than the ones during the industrial revolution, and a lot nicer. This train people ride on, but most of the trains during the industrial revolution was meant to carry things like coal.

Picture and Information:
17. This is a picture of a sewing machine. It is a little different than the cotton gin. The cotton gin was meant to separate the fiber from the seeds a whole lot faster. The sewing machine can actually make clothing.

Picture and Information:
18. This is what some of the clothes look like today. During the industrial revolution the people would ware very ragged-looking clothes for their everyday clothes.

Picture and Information:
19. The reason I added this picture was because during the industrial revolution there were warning signs because the people got hurt. Now there are warning signs that say watch your step, caution wet floor, warning deer crossing, and many more!

Picture and Information:
watch-your-step-set-of vector-caution-signs-yellow-and-
20. The reason I added this photo was because during the industrial revolution the kids worked in factories, for long and hard hours. Now the kids can't go to work until they are adults. Kids everyday have to go to school and get an education.

Picture and Information:
Industrial Revolution project!
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