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What melts ice the fastest?

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Katherine Collins

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of What melts ice the fastest?

What melts ice the fastest?
By: Katie Collins
Hypothesis: If table salt melts ice the fastest, then it must have something to do with the melting rate because salt molecules mix with the water molecules and salt also absorbs water.

Abstract: My hypothesis is if table salt melts ice the fastest, then it must have something to do with the melting rate because salt molecules mix with water molecules and salt also absorbs water. My purpose for this experiment is to see which of the following melts ice faster: Table salt, Cinnamon, Sugar, or Pepper. The independent variable is the spices and other things I used to melt the ice with. The dependent variable is the weight of ice I used.
1. First decide how many materials you are going to melt ice with and what materials
2. Next get plates out and cups(to measure the ice with,not using plates for measurement)
3. Put 1 oz. of ice in each cup you use(I used 3/4 of an oz. because my cups weighed 1 1/4 oz.)
4. Take one cup of ice and put it on a plate, then do the same for the others on separate plates
5. On one plate put 1 TB. of sugar, for example, and on another plate place 1 TB. of salt
6. Start timing the ice melting, using a stopwatch, and whichever on is finished, lap it and record the results
Ice melts in different rates depending what is melting them. An ice cube in the Sun will melt faster than an ice cube in the shade because the Sun's UV rays. In my experiment, I used spices and other substances in my kitchen to melt ice instead. I got plates, cups and spoons out. Then I got the spices out (sugar, cinnamon, table salt, and pepper) and put one spice on each spoon. Next I weighed the cups then I grabbed the ice out of the freezer, then I measured the weight of the ice in the cups. Since the cups weighed 1 and 1/4 ounces, I put 3/4 ounces of ice in the cups. After that, I put the cups of ice on a different plate each. Next I put the spices on the ice depending which plate the ice was on. Once I did this, I started timing the ice. The first one that was done melting was the ice with the table salt. Next it was the pepper ice, then the ice with sugar. After wards the cinnamon was finished melting.
After my experiment, I proved my hypothesis correct. The ice with the table salt melted the fastest ( the time being 36 min. and 18 sec. ). The second fastest is the pepper (time: 54 min. and 32 sec.) and third was sugar (time: 1 hr. 0 min. and 14 sec.). The last one was cinnamon which the time it took for it to melt was 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 3 seconds.
Spoons(depend on how many substances you are using)
Plates(as many as the spoons)
Powder Materials(salt, pepper, sugar, seasoning)
cups(same number as spoons)
Electronic weight scale
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