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Copy of PBIS

No description

Missi Brewer

on 31 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of PBIS

What does PRIDE mean at JHS?
PRIDE is how we do things at Jeff High.
PRIDE is found in every classroom, in all areas at JHS, on the bus, and at extracurricular events.

Barriers to Successful Implementation
Traditional High School Structure
Administrative Hierarchy
7 Period Schedule
Communication Barriers
Student Apathy
Staff Buy-In
Exclusionary Discipline Approach

Overcoming Barriers:
Student Apathy
Overcoming Barriers
Staff Buy-In

Overcoming Barriers
Exclusionary Discipline Approach
Step 6:
Develop Continuum of Procedures for Encouraging and Strengthening Student Use of School-wide Behavioral Expectations
Create quick and easy ways to reinforce and acknowledge school-wide expected behaviors
Develop a system to integrate the reinforces into a meaningful continuum that creates value for students
Used by all staff in all settings
Keep track of number of acknowledgments versus the number of disciplinary actions (5:1 ratio)

Jeffersonville High School
P.R.I.D.E. Ahead
Who Are We?
Overcoming Barriers:
Traditional High School Structure
2014/2015 PRIDE Kick-off
Data Collection and

Step 7:
But what about when students don’t meet desired behavior expectations?

Step 7: Behavior Management Road Map: MINORS
What can staff do to positively affect behavior?

Discuss ROAR
Role Play
Contact parent
Reinforce 5 to 1 behavior
Private conversation
Staff Proximity
Seat change
For more ideas - See FLOW CHART
Step 7: Cont...
Step 8:
Develop Data-based Procedures for Monitoring Implementation of School-wide PBIS
Cougar Cash usage
Student store
Weekly drawings
Student feedback
Quarterly drawings
Monthly PBIS site team meetings
Discipline data (Behaviors,Trends, Locations, Times, Demographics, etc...)
Year 1 (2012-2013):
Administrator-Mandated PBIS Strategies
No Formal PBIS Committee
No Staff PBIS Professional Development
Mandate delivered via Friday afternoon email with implementation to begin the following Monday
RESULTS: Failure; Total lack of Staff Buy-in, No internal PBIS Structure, No real vision
This is a plan we have developed that addresses our Tardy situation
. Our students have improved this year on arriving to class ON TIME. We are not however where we need to be as a school. This Plan will hopefully provide an incentive to those who are consistently late and reward those who are ON TIME. ( ask any employer what they look for in an employee and they will tell you they want someone is on time and at work on a regular basis )
This Plan requires diligence, patience and total TEAM EFFORT. I ask that you relay THE PLAN to your students TODAY (3/15/2013). It goes into effect Monday, 3/18/2013. If you have any questions please call or email me.
( I have known many of you for years and I am confident in what you can do.) I thank you in advance for your help
Year 2 (2012-2014)
Building Leadership Team (BLT) also PBIS Committee
Committee lead by administrator with PBIS experience
Weekly meetings scheduled during Zero Period
Volunteer Co-chairmen
Participated in monthly district PBIS PD
Recruitment of other committee members in addition to BLT members
PBIS Professional Development provided to staff
PBIS Training provided to committee
Development of Expectations Matrix
Staff and Student generated
Student and Staff surveys conducted to acquire baseline data regarding climate
Formation of subcommittees to partition work
Implementation of SWIS for collection of discipline data
Implementation of PRIDE tickets for Rewards
RESULTS: Vast improvement in Student and Teacher buy-in and participation. Greater awareness and understanding of the goals of PBIS. Improved team effort
PBIS Sub-committee Structure
Rachel's Challenge
Administrators, Teachers, Students
Monthly Projects
P.R.I.D.E. Team
Teachers, Students
Created Videos to illustrate JHS PRIDE
Rewards Team
Professional days for planning
Creation of Ticket Reward system
PRIDE Time (red tickets)
PRIDE Redemption (yellow tickets)
Planned Redemption/reward activities
Year 3 (2014-2015)
Volunteers and Recruits
Weekly meetings--Zero Period
Continued Professional Development
Leadership Retreat (Summer)
Rachel's Challenge, PRIDE Team, Rewards Team and PRIDE Kickoff Team
First annual PRIDE Kickoff
Altered schedule
Teaching Behavior matrix through reading and video
Reward Concert in afternoon
Teacher recognition and redemption
Ticket redemption menu
New PRIDE acronym--revision of expectations matrix
Marrying PBIS and CCR (College and Career Readiness
Morning quotes--guided by PRIDE letters
RESULTS: Successful PBIS Kickoff to set the tone for the year, positive feedback from staff and students regarding rewards, "It's a Great Day to be a Red Devil!"
PBIS Committee Structure
Traditional Secondary Schedule
Corporation Mandate
25-30 minute period built into daily schedule
All students participate
Tier II and Tier III students pulled out of IMPACT for targeted intervention
Credit Recovery
Rachel's Challenge
Literacy Standards
College and Career Readiness (CCR)
Creation of College and Career Readiness Center
Works closely with Counselors
Available to all students to help them prepare them for College and Career
Works closely with Business Community
Solicit Student Feedback on Rewards
Continually Revise Reward Menu
Keep adding new rewards
Get student input
Appeal to a diverse student body
Offer rewards that provide immediate gratification and awards that allow students to "save up" for bigger rewards
August 1, 2014
Modified Schedule
All classes met before lunch--20 minutes
Committee generated lesson plans provided for teachers
Each lesson focused on one element of PRIDE
Video, Reading, Frayer Model, Writing
Incorporated Corporation Literacy Initiatives
Students earned reward tickets
All students signed PRIDE Pledge Poster
After lunch, students met in large groups for Class Level meetings and information
Later afternoon, students gathered on Football field for PRIDE concert
Reward drawings
Continued Professional Development
Flip-Flop Days
Golden Apple
Success Stories
Reassurance of Consequences
Teacher Ownership of Classroom PBIS
Prep For College and Careers Class for All Freshmen
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